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Cosmostation Collaborates with Nym Network to Support NYX Blockchain

Cosmostation announces a strategic partnership with Nym network to support its NYX blockchain as a validator & end-user infrastructure provider

NYM x Cosmostation

Cosmostation is excited to officially announce a strategic partnership with Nym Network, a network sophisticatedly designed to preserve & enhance privacy, to secure the NYX blockchain mainnet as a validator and support the network with various end-user applications including end for Gravity Bridge), Mintscan block explorer and Cosmostation Mobile/Web wallet.

Cosmostation Validator

Cosmostation, as an enterprise-level validator node operator with years long expertise in securing Cosmos SDK-based networks, will be securing the NYX blockchain as one of the mainnet validators.

Through this partnership, holders and users of ERC20 $NYM token will be able to easily bridge their assets between ethereum and Cosmos ecosystem through Spacestation, a front-end web app for Gravity Bridge built by Cosmostation. On top of the Ethereum bridge transfer, users will be able to seamlessly make IBC transaction between Gravity Bridge and NYX blockchain.

Mintscan Block Explorer

Mintscan is a community-chosen block explorer within the IBC ecosystem, favored by the majority of everyday users & exchanges. Mintscan will provide various types of useful on-chain data of NYX blockchain including transaction history, governance proposals, validators, block details and more.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet is a non-custodial, open source mobile wallet for Proof of Stake(PoS) cryptocurrency assets on iOS and Android. Cosmostation Mobile will support Nym Network by integrating $NYX token and $NYM token on NYX blockchain.
Be noted that: $NYX token is still not publicly released yet — only a small portion of tokens have been issued for validators. Also, $NYM token is supported as a native token, however as it is a token utilized for Mixnet incentives only. Therefore staking-related features for $NYM token won’t be available on Cosmostation Mobile.

Cosmostation Web Wallet

Cosmostation Web is a web browser wallet with Ledger hardware wallet & Keystation support.

Official Twitter Announcement of NYM x Cosmostation

NYM Network

Mixnet and NYM token

Nym Network, specifically designed to build an infrastructure that protects users’ internet privacy, is a protocol that leverages a privacy-preserving network called Mixnet. Mixnet at its core is designed to guarantee users’ anonymity on its network layer by encrypting users’ internet traffic and shuffling(“mixing”) them between multiple Mixnodes that make up the Mixnet.
The key component that enables robust operation and decentralization of Mixnet is the $NYM token. $NYM, issued in ERC20 and native (Cosmos-SDK) form, is used to incentivize the working nodes of Mixnet and maintain the Mixnet decentralized.

NYX Chain

NYX is a CosmWasm-enabled blockchain smart contracts platform that functions as the backbone of Nym network, used to keep track and provide history of the NYM token’s transactions. The delegation of NYM to a Mixnode is executed via CosmWasm contract on-chain, which is why CosmWasm smart contract is one of the core components of the whole NYM Network. Cosmostation will be supporting the NYM Network by securing the NYX blockchain with our ecosystem-leading enterprise-level validator node operation.

Learn more about NYM and NYX from the official Medium blog from the link below. Welcome on board Station, NYM!

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation provides a purely streamlined access to the interchain through developing a suite of user-friendly applications for partner networks we help secure as an industry-leading validator node operator and investor. Our interchain products ranging from Mintscan Block Explorer, Cosmostation Mobile Wallet(iOS, Android), Cosmostation Web Wallet, Cosmostation Extension, to serve as both a powerful set of tools for protocols/exchanges to onboard users and for developers/validators to efficiently navigate networks.

Github: Cosmostation Github
Block Explorer:
Android Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
iOS Wallet: iOS — Apple App Store
Web Wallet: Cosmostation Web
Browser Extension: Cosmostation Extension
Cross-Chain Bridge:
Medium: Cosmostation Medium Blog
Twitter: Cosmostation Official Twitter
Telegram: Cosmostation Announcement TG



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