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Cosmostation Enters a Strategic Partnership with Konstellation Network

Welcome to the Station, $DARC

Cosmostation is thrilled to officially announce its strategic partnership with Konstellation Network, a decentralized cross-chain capital market protocol built with Cosmos SDK. Welcome on board, $DARC!

Key Highlights

  • Through this strategic partnership, Cosmostation will be securing Konstellation network with its enterprise-level validator node operation.
  • On top of the validator node operation, Konstellation Network (DARC) will be supported on all of Cosmostation’s suite of products including: Mintscan block explorer, Cosmostation web wallet and Cosmostation mobile app for iOS & Android. Full product line integration is expected to be completed by the end of February, 2022.
  • Users/holders of $DARC tokens will be able to fully leverage the features supported on Cosmostation’s front-end applications. As one of the leading infrastructure providers of app-specific blockchains, Cosmostation will cooperate with the foundation in order to support as much additional app-specific features that may be released on Konstellation network as possible.
  • Cosmostation has been offering one-for-all adventurers’ package for interchain travelers as a contribution to the ecosystem— Konstellation will be widely exposed & connected to the network of IBC gang & Cosmonauts with this partnership.

“Konstellation is excited to add such a trusted, professional validator to its ecosystem and believes that Konstellation users will enjoy the benefits of the Cosmostation platform. Cosmostation has been an early leader in the Cosmos ecosystem and will be a great partner for the Konstellation ecosystem. As Konstellation continues to grow and develop in the coming days, months, and years, its partnership with Cosmostation should prove beneficial.”
Sang Lee, CEO of Konstellation Korea

About Konstellation

Konstellation is a Tendermint-based blockchain protocol designed to be a decentralized cross-chain capital market with high composability, powered by its native governance token: $DARC. Konstellation aims to build a firm foundation for interoperable cross-chain/cross-industry DeFi platform in the Cosmos ecosystem.
$DARC essentially functions as the native token of Konstellation network for delegation, fee and governance, and will be utilized as the fuel for Konstellation ecosystem’s future DeFi projects.

Ecosystem Roadmap

When you look at Kontstellation’s roadmap, you’ll see a great deal of exciting projects that utilize $DARC. Up ahead, Konstellation ecosystem will introduce a series of DeFi projects such as Alkemy(platform for minting stable coin), VegaX(crypto portfolio management), Taebit(Korean-community focused DeFi platform) and NFT projects built on Solana including Squid Squad OG collection and Kambrian, a Korean culture themed NFT marketplace.
Putting DeFi projects aside, according to a recent announcement, $DARC will be listed on several renowned Dexes such as Raydium, Project Serum and Osmosis Labs.
Visit their official website for details of the roadmap.

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Cosmostation x Konstellation

Cosmostation will be securing & supporting Konstellation network with its robust enterprise-level validator node operation and user-friendly applications. Cosmostation believes that backing up the partnered networks with seamless end-user experiences in addition to the validator node operation is greatly beneficial for the overall accessibility of the network.

“We are thrilled to join hands with Konstellation network, as we see great potential in Konstellation’s mission of providing the intersection between tradi-fi and DeFi. Through this partnership, Cosmostation and Konstellation will cooperate to bring closer the realization of a decentralized cross-chain capital market with Cosmostation’s robust enterprise-level validator node operation and end-user application service.”
Jung Hun Lee, CEO of Cosmostation

For the next step following this announcement, Cosmostation will set up a validator node on Konstellation network and initiate the chain integration onto Mintscan and Cosmostation web/app wallets. Stay tuned with us at the Station for further updates and announcements!

Cosmostation Validator Node is an enterprise-level network-securing validator node for PoS(Proof of Stake) & Tendermint based blockchains. Stake with us to earn passive income with security.

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Cosmostation Web Wallet: web wallet with Ledger hardware wallet integration.

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Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator node infrastructure & end-user application provider based in Seoul, South Korea. Cosmostation runs validator nodes across several networks, specifically focused on networks built with PoS(Proof of Stake) consensus. Along with node operation, Cosmostation develops and maintains Mintscan Block Explorer and Cosmostation iOS, Android, Web Wallets to support in-depth features for modules specific to each network.

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