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Cosmostation Presents: Browser Extension Wallet

Cosmostation officially releases Cosmostation browser extension wallet supporting Cosmos SDK-based chains & EVM-compatible chains

Introducing: Cosmostation Browser Extension

Cosmostation is thrilled to present the brand new Cosmostation Extension wallet, an inclusive multi-chain crypto wallet browser extension that natively supports various Cosmos SDK-based networks and multiple EVM compatible networks. This article will cover some outstanding features on Cosmostation Extension and give you a brief walkthrough on how to use it. For a quick summary, take a look at this Twitter thread🧵👇

TL;DR: it’s awesome, so go get Cosmostation Extension installed on your browser now!

Uni-wallet, Multi-chain.

One wallet, many chains, more dApps, much interoperability. — IBC Wallet, 2022

Multi-chain made easy: at its core, Cosmostation Extension is built multi-chain. Which means on top of supporting the ~40 Cosmos Interchain networks, Cosmostation also supports Ethereum and 7 other major EVM-compatible networks at the time of this writing. No need to switch from this wallet to that when you’re going cross-chain now: connect Cosmostation once & sign transactions on different networks right away in one app. Simple as that.

The Interchain Wallet

Cosmostation will ultimately function as the Interchain gateway as it natively grants streamlined access to 40+ Cosmos SDK-based networks. Even without the native support, you can always add your custom sovereign Cosmos SDK-based blockchain networks onto Cosmostation permissionlessly to access decentralized applications(dApps). Welcome to the Interchain!

+ EVM Networks

Future is multi-chain, and we need a multi-chain wallet that supports both Interchain AND other ecosystems. This goes the same for those who wish to enter the Cosmos ecosystem from outside of IBC. Cosmostation comes in with native support for 8 major EVM-compatible networks including ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, Arbitrum, Cronos and Harmony One. Extra custom EVM compatible L1 & L2s can be added on Cosmostation in network management section. Single wallet, multi-chain.

One App to Rule Them All

One great thing about Cosmostation wallet is that you can manage ALL your accounts/wallets in one app. Start by either creating a wallet with a set of freshly generated mnemonics or importing mnemonics/private keys to continue using your existing accounts. Here’s a detailed explanation:

Manage Multiple Accounts on One App

The more you get into crypto, the more you get frustrated by the segments of mnemonics, accounts, wallets and networks. With an intuitive, straight-to-the-point user interface, Cosmostation allows you to manage multiple accounts with different sets of mnemonics in one single application without having to log in and off repetitively. Simply click on settings button in your profile then import another set of mnemonics/private key to import an additional account. Now you can select between different accounts and manage all your asset, in one single extension browser.

The Path Finder

On Cosmostation Extension, a set of mnemonics allows you to access the default coin type of each network & set the HD path to any desirable one between different derivation paths. At the same time, importing a private key configures the entire account to a specific coin type as default. No more lost wallets!

User-friendly Interface

Being a multi-chain crypto wallet for various networks, Cosmostation needs to have an intuitive overview and dashboard. You can either choose your landing page to be an aggregated overview of your whole portfolio or a dashboard of a specific network with different types of asset status including Available, Delegated, Unbonding, Staking Rewards and Vesting.

Of course, dark mode is supported natively.


Cosmostation Extension has just been released, and there are tons of upgrades and new features getting ready to be deployed in the lab. Stay tuned for alphas!

Get Integrated: Cosmostation Extension guide

Wallets and dApps are symbiotic. Cosmostation will be continuously integrated on many dApps on multiple ecosystems while expanding native support for broader range of blockchains simultaneously. A comprehensive user guide for the extension wallet will be released shortly — in the meantime, here’s user document for Cosmostation and Github for developers. Start your journey with Cosmostation Extension now🚀

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation provides a purely streamlined access to the interchain through developing a suite of user-friendly applications for partner networks we help secure as an industry-leading validator node operator and investor. Our interchain products ranging from Mintscan Block Explorer, Cosmostation Mobile Wallet(iOS, Android), Cosmostation Web Wallet, Cosmostation Extension, to serve as both a powerful set of tools for protocols/exchanges to onboard users and for developers/validators to efficiently navigate networks.


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a CØSMOS Spacestation. Comostation is a top-notch POS node validator for the Cosmos ecosystem active since 2018. Our line of products include, Cosmostation wallet, and

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