[Cosmostation] Server Infrastructure

An explanation of Cosmostation’s server infrastructure.

At Cosmostation, we consider the security of our servers one of our highest priorities. Game of Stakes registration has finally ended, and we are excited to announce that Cosmostation will also be participating in GoS.

Cosmostation’s server infrastructure will be as follows at the beginning of GoS. The architecture may be subject to change later as this is how our servers will operate during GoS. At the time of Cosmos main net launch, the validator servers will be at an IDC.

Two Validator Servers

A standby validator server will be in place in case a problem occurs with the main validator server.

Three Sentry Servers

The validator server will maintain a private connection with three sentry servers and a relayed server. AWS Shield and Elastic LoadBalancer implemented on the sentry servers.

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Cosmostation’s operation philosophy is geared by and for the community. As one of the most secure and technology-driven group within the Cosmos Validator ecosystem, Cosmostation promises the following to our delegators.

You’ve put your trust on us, and so should we. Along with high security, development of projects within the Cosmos ecosystem, and our promise to delegators, Cosmostation will constantly update and research better ways to fairly reward and protect our delegators to expand the Cosmos universe.

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