[Cosmostation Validator] Operation philosophy

Our commitment to delegators and the Cosmos community

Cosmostation is a Cosmos Validator based in South Korea.

Welcome, Cosmonaut. FUEL UP on Atom at Cosmostation!

Cosmostation’s operation philosophy is geared by and for the community. As one of the most secure and technology-driven group within the Cosmos Validator ecosystem, Cosmostation promises the following to our delegators.


You’ve docked your Spaceship at Cosmostation.
It’s our duty to keep you as safe and protected as possible.

Multiple Sentry Nodes
• Impenetrable structure to prevent various attacks on our validator node
• 24/7 monitoring of malicious traffic coming in and out of our nodes

Validator Node
• Validator node running in a safe and well-known IDC (International Data Center)
• Private network between our validator node and sentry nodes, ensuring high availability and security

Hardware Security Module
• Implemented HSM, a physical computing device that safeguards digital keys for strong authentication
• Validator private key is stored physically and is never programmatically exposed


Fuel up on ATOM to explore the Cosmos universe.
Cosmostation provides your universe to explore.

Usage of rewards
Portion of Cosmostation’s staking rewards will go to development costs

Cosmos Mobile & Web Wallet
• Cosmos Web & Mobile Wallet currently under development
• Integration with Cosmos dApp & DEX through mobile & web Cosmos Explorer
• Cosmos Blockchain Explorer under development


Operation at Cosmostation is driven by and for the community.
In delegation we trust.

• Minimum 1M Self-bonded ATOM
• Cosmostation stakes its own tokens alongside yours

• Transparent reward distribution structure
• Community driven governance

• High & stable staking rewards

You’ve put your trust on us, and so should we. Along with high security, development of projects within the Cosmos ecosystem, and our promise to delegators, Cosmostation will constantly update and research better ways to fairly reward and protect our delegators to expand the Cosmos universe.

FUEL UP your wallet at Cosmostation to explore the Cosmos network.

Official website: www.cosmostation.io
Medium: https://medium.com/cosmostation/
Telegram: https://t.me/cosmostation
Telegram KR: https://t.me/cosmostationkr