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Cosmostation Weekly Newsletter: Dec 20th — Dec 26th

Weekly Update on Cosmostation Network vol.19: Dec 20th — Dec 26th

Welcome to <Cosmostation Weekly Newsletter> Vol.19. This would be the last issue from 2021, what a ride we had this year! Thank you Stationers for all the support, community is the backbone that keeps the station alive. Let’s take a look at some of the last pieces of 2021 now:

Cosmostation Validator Node is a top tier, enterprise-level network-securing validator node for PoS(Proof of Stake) & Tendermint based blockchains. Stake with us to earn passive income with security.

Mintscan Block Explorer: a block explorer proudly represented to exchanges & everyday users, made with sophistication.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet is a non-custodial application, chosen by the majority of users within the @tendermint ecosystem. Download your app from these links: iOS & Android

Cosmostation Web Wallet: web wallet with Ledger hardware wallet integration.

Keystation Extension: End-to-end encrypted key management system for networks built with Tendermint. Open source, no installation, no hardware required.

Akash Network

  • Update on Akash’s 2022 roadmap was released. Read the whole post from the linked blog.





Cosmos Network


  • released a roadmap for Q1 & Q2 of 2022.


  • Iris released IOBScan, an explorer specialized for IBC transactions.




Secret Network

  • Stashh, the first NFT marketplace for Secret Network is now live on Secret Mainnet.


  • Inviting community managers: a local community program is open for registration, see the Twitter thread to apply.


  • See what Sif chain team has been up to lately from the newsletter.


  • Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool(LBP) on Osmosis was ended successfully with a market price of $0.107. Cosmostation is very excited to be a part of Stargaze’s journey into the Cosmos NFT ecosystem.


  • Is this how Umee is going to look like on web? Follow Umee on Twitter and stay updated with the project!

Wrapping Up 2021

2021 has been a crazy(in a good way, of course), fantastic year. To briefly recap the ride, 2021 is truly filled with gems: IBC, a new ATH, bridges, airdrops, DeFi boom in Osmosis, Cosmoverse & many new awesome blockchains in the ecosystem. Cosmos Network is exploding, and it will grow even faster next year, WAGMI!

As 2021 was a huge explosive year for the Cosmos ecosystem with the IBC boom, Cosmostation focused on implementing and processing IBC-based data on the Mintscan block explorer and Cosmostation wallets. In the meantime, a number of Cosmos-based networks joined the Station in 2021 as partners as well, making Cosmostation a place where networks and users meet: literally, Cosmostation.

What’s Coming in Early 2022

As some of you who followed this little piece of leftovers at the bottom of every newsletter may already be aware of, Cosmostation browser extension is coming soon. You will be able to make transactions while staying on Mintscan, which is what we all have been waiting for. Apart from that, there are so many things going on at the Station, so stay tuned with us and get ready for 2022!

Cosmostation will keep integrating with new networks & partners to support the ecosystem and communities as far as we can: it’s all about community.

Thank you, Stationers. Happy new year!

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator node infrastructure & end-user application provider based in Seoul, South Korea. Cosmostation runs validator nodes across several networks, specifically focused on networks built with PoS(Proof of Stake) consensus. Along with node operation, Cosmostation develops and maintains Mintscan Block Explorer and Cosmostation iOS, Android, Web Wallets to support in-depth features for modules specific to each network.

Android Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
iOS Wallet: iOS — iTunes App Store
Block Explorer:



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