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Cosmostation Weekly Update: Aug 16th — Aug 22nd

Weekly Update on Cosmostation Network vol.2: Aug 16th — Aug 22nd

Welcome, Stationers, to the 2nd issue of Cosmostation Weekly Update — this week has been very thrilling for the whole Cosmos ecosystem! We are very excited to see all the growths and developments in our partners, and we believe there will be even greater steps forward. Thank you for your support, hope you enjoy!

Althea Network

  • Hack Gravity Bridge: Althea is getting ready for Gravity Bridge deployment with Code4rena’s public audit contest model which includes $100K+ prize. Visit the linked website and find out how to participate👆


  • More than 150 participants are supporting Axelar’s testnet.
  • Cosmostation has officially launched a validator node on Axelar testnet! On top of that, Cosmostation will be providing users front-end services with mobile/web wallet and Mintscan: stay tuned!

Band Protocol

  • Beta Finance has launched on Ethereum mainnet with the integration of Band Oracle. The $Band token is also live on the Beta Finance market, so feel free to check out!
  • Band Protocol’s technical documentation has been updated accordingly to the upcoming update of Mainnet Phase 2: Laozi.


  • Proposal: proposal for shentu-2 software upgrade has been passed — shentu-2 will take place at the block height of 4313500.

Cosmos Network

  • Emeris Beta is now live! Emeris had its grand opening on August 17th with more than $10M TVL within 24 hours of launch, impressive!
  • Emeris is supported on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Brave.

  • $FET and USDO, the stable coin of Omnicomp, are pairing up on PancakeSwap pool in addition to FET+OCP pool.

Injective Labs

  • Injective is collaborating with Orion Terminal to extend its Defi market one step further.
  • The “Stargazers” ambassador program is taking place soon: check out their program & you can apply to be one of Injective’s ambassadors HERE.

Kava Labs

  • Kava products renamed! Explore a whole new world of decentralized finance with Kava Mint, Kava Lend and Kava Swap.
  • The long-waited Kava Swap is coming live on August 30th (block height:1878509), along with the Kava-8 mainnet upgrade.

Secret Network

  • Altermail, a decentralized messaging app will be launched soon on Secret Network.
  • Band Protocol oracle is now officially live on Secret Network mainnet!

Thank you all again for reading this article! If there is any suggestion/idea, please feel free to contact us, we appreciate everyone’s support!

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator node infrastructure & end-user application provider based in Seoul, South Korea. Cosmostation runs validator nodes across several networks, specifically focused on networks built with Tendermint & Cosmos SDK. Along with node operation, Cosmostation develops and maintains Mintscan Block Explorer for Tendermint-powered networks and Cosmostation iOS, Android, Web Wallets to support in-depth features for modules specific to each network.

Android Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
iOS Wallet: iOS — iTunes App Store
Block Explorer:



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