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Cosmostation Weekly Update: Aug 23rd — Aug 29th

Welcome, Stationers, to the 3rd issue of Cosmostation Weekly Update. Before we begin, thank you all for your kind feedback and support, it is thrilling to know that many of you are enjoying this series. We will try our best to keep it up, and hope you enjoy this week’s newsletter too!

  • Shentu-2 update is coming soon: stay tuned for CertiK’s announcement.
  • More than $3M worth of tokens swapped on EmerisHQ Beta only after 1 week of its launch — more IBC-compatible networks will join the Gravity Dex soon, stay tuned.
  • team launched “Colearn NFT Art” platform where you can create NFT using machine learning. We are now officially living in the future!
  • Injective team started an ambassador program called “Injective Stargazers” to drive the Injective community further across crypto world.
  • Injective Hub, a one-way portal to Injective, is now live.
  • IRISnet announced a collaboration with ixo foundation to contribute to Green Economy.
  • Kava-8 upgrade will take place soon, get ready for the Kava Swap & more.
  • KiChain testnet’s upgrade from kichain-t-2 to kichain-t-3 is now complete.

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a CØSMOS Spacestation. Comostation is a top-notch POS node validator for the Cosmos ecosystem active since 2018. Our line of products include, Cosmostation wallet, and

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