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This is an email from Cosmostation Weekly, a newsletter by Cosmostation.

Cosmostation Weekly vol.43

What happened at the station this week: June 27th~ July 3rd

TL;DR: CWN Extract

🛰 HackAtom VII coming soon in Seoul, July 29th - 31st

🛰 MantlePlace v0.1.0 goes live

🛰 pStake announces migration of stkATOM(ERC20) to Persistence



Straight From The Station

🚀 With many other conferences scheduled for July/August in Seoul including Buidl Asia, ETH Seoul and Korea Blockchain Week, HackAtom is expected to attract thousands of Web3 builders and pioneers to the Interchain ecosystem. Cosmostation, as an enterprise based in Seoul, will be sponsoring HackAtom & having various side events during the conferences as well — feel free to contact us for events & meetups!

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation provides a purely streamlined access to the interchain through developing a suite of user-friendly applications for partner networks we help secure as an industry-leading validator node operator and investor. Our interchain products ranging from Mintscan Block Explorer, Cosmostation Mobile Wallet(iOS, Android), Cosmostation Web Wallet, Cosmostation Extension, to serve as both a powerful set of tools for protocols/exchanges to onboard users and for developers/validators to efficiently navigate networks.

Github: Cosmostation Github
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Android Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
iOS Wallet: iOS — Apple App Store
Web Wallet: Cosmostation Web
Browser Extension: Cosmostation Extension
Cross-Chain Bridge:
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