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How to create your personal Akash Network(AKT) account on Cosmostation Wallet (iOS/Android/Web).

Download Cosmostation Mobile (iOS & Android) or visit Cosmostation Web Wallet now to create your personal wallet and begin securely sending, delegating, claiming rewards, and managing your Akash mainnet AKT tokens.

Akash Network on Cosmostation Mobile (iOS/Android) & Web

We are happy to announce the latest update to Cosmostation Mobile (iOS & Android) and Cosmostation Web WalletSupport for Akash Network.

Akash DeCloud is a faster, better, and lower cost cloud built for DeFi, decentralized projects, and high growth companies, providing unprecedented scale, flexibility, and price performance. 10x lower in cost, the Akash serverless computing platform is compatible with all cloud providers and all applications that run on the cloud.

Cosmostation and Akash Network have entered into a strategic partnership to work together on building the world’s first decentralized cloud computing marketplace. As an ecosystem partner, Cosmostation will be securing Akash Network as a validator node operator and support Akash Network on Cosmostation Mobile (iOS/Android) & Cosmostation Web Wallet. To find out more about our partnership, please visit the blog post below.

We are more than a Akash Validator

Cosmostation is an enterprise-level validator infrastructure provider and end-user application developer for various PoS networks, with a strong focus on networks built with the Cosmos SDK and Tendermint Engine.

We believe that providing secure and user-friendly tools for the ecosystem is just as important as operating a stable and secure validator node. End-user applications with good UI/UX improves the overall accessibility of the network as well as its appeal to the general masses. Below are some of the products we have developed for the AKT ecosystem.

Cosmostation Web Wallet

Web Wallet for PC. Connect your Ledger Hardware wallet or personal wallet via Keystation(explained below) to make secure transactions on Akash Network.


End-to-end encrypted key management system for networks built with the Cosmos SDK. Open source, no installation required. Keystation allows users to access their personal accounts on Cosmostation Web Wallet even without a hardware wallet.

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet

Open source, non-custodial mobile wallet for AKT. Available in both iOS and Android.

Cosmostation is an open-source, non-custodial wallet for networks built with Tendermint. Cosmostation mobile wallet is the wallet of choice for the majority of users within the Cosmos ecosystem. To learn more about Cosmostation Wallet and how the application keeps your funds safe & secure using local-signing, please read the blog posts below.

Create your Akash Network wallet on Cosmostation Mobile Wallet! (iOS & Android)

Here’s a detailed guide on how to create your AKT wallet and begin securely sending, delegating, earning passive income in AKT all in the palm of your hand.


*It is NOT recommended to take your hardware wallet seed phrase and import that into the mobile wallet and/or keystation. Importing your hardware wallet seed phrase on soft wallets can potentially increase risk of loss of your funds.

#1 Download Cosmostation Wallet

Cosmostation Mobile Wallet is available in both iOS and Android. Search “Cosmostation” in Apple Store or Google Play to download and install the application.


#2 Create a AKT wallet

Cosmostation Wallet supports AKT, ATOM, KAVA, BAND, CTK, IOV, IRIS, BNB, OKT. Create your personal AKT address after opening the application. If you already have a personal AKT account, simply press “Import” to import your existing mnemonic phrase and load up your wallet.

Press “Create” -> “AKT Mainnet” -> “Show Mnemonics” -> Back up your mnemonic phrase and keep it in a safe place only accessible by you (Important)

Next, Insert your PIN -> Confirm your PIN -> Your personal AKT wallet

  • Please note that there is no way to recover your PIN once you lose it. Cosmostation does not store any user information.
  • Please remember to keep your generated mnemonic phrase securely in a safe location only accessible to you. Losing your mnemonic phrase can lead to loss of your funds, and there is no way for you to recover them.

#3 Deposit AKT to your address

If you do not have any AKT in your account, you will need to deposit AKT to your address to begin making transactions with your account.

Press the QR code icon on the left of your address -> Press “Copy” to copy your personal AKT address.

  • Send AKT to your personal address from another personal address or from an exchange address.

#4 Delegate(Stake) your AKT to validators for passive income

Now that you have AKT in your account, you can make delegations to validators of your choice to start earning delegation rewards.

Press the “Delegate” button in the main dashboard -> Press the “Top” tab to view the top 100 validators open for delegation -> Select Cosmostation and press the “Delegate” button.

Enter the amount you wish to delegate -> Enter memo (optional) -> Select transaction fee -> Confirm Tx detail -> Enter PIN

  • Please note that you will not be able to make additional transactions (claim rewards, send, etc.) if you delegate your entire available amount. Make sure to leave a minimal amount of AKT for transaction fees for future transactions.
  • Your total delegated(staked) amount will show up under “delegated” in the main dashboard.

#5 Claim your AKT staking rewards

Now that you’ve delegated your AKT, your AKT staking rewards will be accumulated on a per-block basis. Manually claim these unclaimed rewards in order to have it transferred to your available amount.

Press “Delegate” -> Press the validator you wish to claim rewards from under the “My” tab -> Press “Claim Reward” -> Press next to confirm your transaction -> Enter PIN

  • Your claimed rewards will now show up under “available” in the main dashboard.

#6 Withdraw AKT from your account

Securely withdraw(send) your AKT to another address.

Press the “Send” button (blue circle with the rocket icon) -> Enter recipient address -> Enter the amount you wish to withdraw -> Insert memo (optional) -> Select transaction fee -> Confirm Tx detail -> Enter PIN

  • Please note that if you are withdrawing funds to an exchange address, there may be a “memo” required. Most exchanges use a memo specifically assigned to each user to identify deposits and match them with corresponding accounts. If you withdraw funds to an exchange without including the required memo, your funds may get lost without a way to recover it.

#7 Undelegate from a validator

You can choose to undelegate a portion of your delegation. Undelegation from a validator takes up to 21 days for your funds to become available for transfer. During this period, the amount requested for undelegation will be displayed in the dashboard under “undonding.”

Press the “Undelegate” button -> Enter the amount you wish to undelegate -> Insert memo (optional) -> Select transaction fee -> Confirm Tx detail -> Enter PIN

  • Once you send an undelegation transaction, the amount you undelegated will be in unbonding period for 21 days and therefore will not be available for transactions.

Create your AKT wallet on Cosmostation Web Wallet.

For PC users, visit to connect your Ledger Hardware Wallet or create a AKT mainnet wallet via Keystation and begin staking your tokens for passive income.

Ledger Hardware Wallet

Press “Connect to Ledger” to connect your Ledger Hardware Wallet to Cosmostation Web Wallet. We recommend Hardware Wallet users to only use this method to access their wallet. Follow instructions on the pop-up to securely connect your ledger and begin making transactions using your Ledger Hardware Wallet device.

*It is NOT recommended to take your seed phrase imported on your hardware wallet and import that into other soft wallets and/or keystation. Importing your hardware wallet seed phrase on soft wallets can potentially increase risk of loss of your funds.


Keystation is an end-to-end encrypted key manager for networks built with the Cosmos SDK. We have integrated Akash Network to Keystation to allow users to interact with AKT from their PC. Please make sure to read the blog post below to learn more about Keystation.

How to create/import a new AKT wallet on Keystation.

  1. Press “Connect Wallet” in the main dashboard of Cosmostation Web Wallet.
  2. Press “Connect to Keystation
  3. Press “Import Wallet,” type in a nickname for your account and enter your mnemonic phrase.
  4. Set your PIN (4 numbers + 1 alphabet) — **your mnemonic phrase is encrypted using the PIN.
  5. Copy and paste your encrypted mnemonic phrase into the empty box.
  6. Press [Save] when Chrome/Safari asks permission to save your acount name and encrypted mnemonic phrase.

Through the process above, the user’s mnemonic phrase is encrypted and stored in Keychain using Chrome/Safari browser’s key management system.

Allowing your stored mnemonic phrase to be immediately accessed and used for transactions could be considered dangerous. For this reason, we added an extra layer of security by requiring users to set a PIN.

This PIN is used to encrypt the user’s mnemonic phrase using JavaScript AES encryption before the user’s mnemonic phrase is stored in the browser’s Keychain.

You’re all set! You can navigate through the web wallet and begin staking your AKT tokens for passive income, securely send your AKT tokens to another wallet, and manage your account.

Must-Know & Precautions

What you need to know before implementing Keystation to your decentralized application.

  • No user input (mnemonic phrase, PIN) is controlled by Keystation. User input in stored in Chrome/Safari’s key management system, only accessible by the owner of the account logged into the browser.
  • When using Keystation, make sure that you are the only person with access to the device you are using. If you use a device shared by multiple people, always remember to log out of your account on the browser.
  • Keystation is open source. Feel free to implement Keystation as a key management, log-in, authentication system for your decentralized application built with the Cosmos SDK.
  • Any network supported by CosmosJS developed/maintained by Cosmostation can be supported on Keychain.

About Cosmostation

Cosmostation is an enterprise-level node infrastructure provider based in Seoul, South Korea. We are a team of 10 developers, engineers, and dreamers united with one objective — to provide a universe full of useful tools and solutions for Tendermint-based projects.

Cosmostation’s operation philosophy is geared by and for the community. You’ve put your trust on us, and so should we. Along with high security, development of projects within the ecosystem, and our promise to delegators, Cosmostation will constantly update and research better ways to fairly reward and protect our delegators to expand the network.

Please visit the links below to begin this journey with Cosmostation!

Official Website:
Cosmos Web Wallet:
Cosmos Android Wallet: Android — Google Play Store
Cosmos iOS Wallet: iOS — iTunes App Store
Wallet User Guide:
Block Explorer:




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