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NFT on Cosmostation Mobile

Cosmostation introduces the new NFT management feature on Cosmostation mobile wallet — mint & explore NFTs on and Iris chain

NFTs Are Here

They’re here: NFTs! On Cosmostation mobile — yes, both on iOS and Android.

Cosmostation mobile has been constantly supporting the interchain ecosystem of Cosmos Network by covering basic IBC functionalities and providing various features of many app-specific blockchains including Osmosis, Cosmos, Sif DeFi and more. Now it’s time to take another big step forward: NFTs.

Today, we are thrilled to announce the NFT management feature on Cosmostation mobile app: initially on IRISnet and chain, then on other networks that support NFTs. Be noted that this feature has just been adopted, so there still exists a vast area unexplored yet to be updated and fabricated. For now, Cosmostation shows you the raw data of NFTs and supports minting of on-chain NFTs. In upcoming months, we will continue to update the feature with more advanced tools and UI, so stay tuned with us at the Station!

Now, let’s take a look at the background & how Cosmostation brings NFTs in the palms of your hands:

Non Fungible Token

First of all, what is NFT? Simply put, NFTs, non-fungible tokens, are digital goods stored on a blockchain. You may have encountered NFT as a profile picture on crypto Twitter such as CryptoPunks, or maybe a character on a video game like Axie Infinity. No matter what, it’s inevitable for us to stumble upon NFTs these days somehow, somewhere.

Here’s an article briefly introducing the concept of NFTs, so for those of you who are beginner in the NFT space, check this out:

Cosmic NFT Era

NFTs are starting to boom in crypto world AND real life. Cosmos, as one of the major layer-1 blockchain ecosystem with ever-expanding community, is also opening its first chapter of the Cosmic NFT era. There are already some notable surges in the growth of NFT marketplace and communities in several networks such as: Secret Network, IRISnet and Soon enough, there will be waves of NFT mass adoption in the Cosmos ecosystem accompanied by ambitious pioneers including Stargaze, Strange Clan, Pylons Tech and many more.

Mobile NFT

So long story short, we need NFTs on our phone. As we see that NFTs are going to be explosive with tons of NFT users and owners in Cosmos ecosystem in 2022, there’s no way around: NFTs on Cosmostation mobile.

Blockchain shouldn’t be hard, neither should NFT be.

NFT on Cosmostation Mobile


Simply put, you can manage your NFTs in the palm of your hands now: the whole collection of your NFTs on respective blockchains(only Iris and NFTs are supported for now, more coming in the future) will show up when you enter the NFT section so that you can explore through the whole suite of your NFTs. Secondly, you can mint your own NFTs on mobile too. The minting process is pretty straight-forward, but let me give you an instruction with screenshots down below.

Step-by-step Minting

  1. Switch your wallet to or Iris chain on your Cosmostation mobile.
  2. Enter the NFT section in the middle of your screen to see the collection of your NFTs. If you haven’t minted/bought any, it will say “No NFT” as the second screenshot below.
  3. Click on “Issue NFT” to start the minting procedure.

4. Choose and add your image, name your NFT and fill the description section if needed.

5. The rest is just simple transaction processes: execute the Mint transaction to finish creating your NFT. (“Insert Memo” screenshot not included)

NFT Collection

Once the Mint NFT tx is completed, you’ll see the created NFT on your list. Click on the piece for some details of the token, and you can also send it to another wallet. There you go, go catch’em all!


NFTs are going to be humongous in 2022, especially in Cosmos ecosystem. We believe that it won’t be long until the interchain NFT ecosystem’s active vitalization, meaning there will be huge demands for mobile NFT wallets and marketplaces: Cosmostation will be the mobile one-for-all platform for NFTs. For the starter, Cosmostation presents raw data of NFTs, personal collection list and token mint feature on mobile. There will be more and more advanced functions added to our app in near future, so stay updated!

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About Cosmostation

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