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*Starname Service on Cosmostation*

Cosmostation introduces mobile Starname Service & explains how to use Starname features with in-app screenshots.

Greetings, *Stationers! Yes we all have our given names, but as a Stationer, do you have a Starname yet? In this article, we’re going to reveal some of the hidden gems of our mobile wallet: the Starname service.

What is Starname?

These days, waves of crowds are flooding into the crypto world, and tons of transactions are made every second from wallet to wallet. Normally, a wallet address would look like this: coin69qwerty01d12eet3… Now some of you may think this does NOT look pretty. That’s when Starname takes turn, simplifying the wallet address to look something like this: bobby*iov, bringing more liveness to the original wallet address. Furthermore, the address simplification is not the only reason you make a Starname, because Starname is not only for IOV chain itself, but for ~50 other networks including Avalanche, Bitcoin, Cosmos Network, ethereum, Osmosis, Persistence and many more. Visit Starname’s official website and their Twitter to learn more about stories behind Starname service and $IOV.

Cosmostation Starname Service

Cosmostation has always been a constant contributor and solid supporter of IOV Starname Official since the beginning of the global strategic partnership between Cosmostation x Starname. Cosmostation supports the Starname service on mobile wallets, with various functionalities enabled for optimized end-user experience. Let’s have a look at them:

Multiple Public Domain Support

Go to your Starname IOV wallet then enter Starname service to get started. First, you have to create your Starname. Click on “Buy Basic Starname” then enter your custom ID. (If interested, you can make your own domain with some extra bucks on Premium Edition.) Now the default setting is on *iov, but you can choose other different public domains such as *me, *gravity, *cosmos etc.

You can choose between these public domains as shown in the screenshot.

All the current public domains for Starname are supported on Cosmostation, and Cosmostation will provide full-service for domains that will be published in the future as well. The fee for the Basic Edition Starname generation is 1 $IOV, which is about $0.045 by the time of this writing, so why not try it out? After the ID creation, you can add several wallet addresses onto your Starname, merging them all into one simple ID.(We’ll get to this in the next paragraph.) Complete your Starname generation transaction, and now you have your own, customized Starname for your wallets!

~50 Networks in 1 Starname

You may have seen this already when adding your wallet addresses from other networks into your Starname, and yes, there are about 50 networks, 51 to be exact, whose addresses are supported by Starname. This means that one Starname can include up to 51 different network’s wallet addresses! One Starname, 50 addresses. To register another chain address to your Starname, go to your Starname, click on “Connected Address Replace”, then click on the “+” button, and you’ll see a screen full of various network options. For example, when someone wants to send you some $ATOM and $KAVA but doesn’t know your wallet address for those two networks, you can simply tell him your Starname and the problem is solved! Of course, only wallets that support Starname features (such as Cosmostation) will be able to send via Starname.

Simply put, Starname is a representative ID for multiple addresses from different networks/chains, and Cosmostation is the best station with this superb functionality enabled!

IBC Compatibility

We’re not done yet! We are all aware that the true power of Cosmos comes from the IBC(Inter-Blockchain Communication), and Cosmostation supports Starname in IBC send feature as well, not just internal-network token transfer. For example, if you’re sending $ATOM on Cosmostation to your friend’s Osmosis address, you can also just put in Starname of your friend in the “Recipient Address” and we will automatically load up your friend’s Osmosis address that he registered.

Great thing about this is that IBC is not so much different from the regular send function on the outside. For those of you who wants to dig further on the IBC feature, we will cover the send/IBC send in our next article, please be tuned!


Cosmostation mobile wallet now supports all 3 mentioned features above: support for all public domains of Starname as default, more than 50 networks/chains listed for one Starname, and opening up a simple but decent gateway for IBC transfers. So don’t forget to keep your wallet updated! You never know what other superb features will come into your hand next time. It is great to have such interesting gadgets on our wallet, and to keep a good partnership with IOV Starname Official.

Thank you for reading this, and if you haven’t tried the Starname feature on Cosmostation yet, feel free to check it out!

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About Cosmostation

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