CosmWasm Launches Its First Public Permissionless Testnet, Coral Network

Misang Ryu
Aug 11, 2020 · 3 min read

CosmWasm, multi-chain smart contract platform for Cosmos ecosystem, has launched its first public test network, Coral, today August 11th 2020.

We are happy to announce Coral net’s launch as this is the beginning of a line of what will be public testnets exposing cutting-edge CosmWasm functionality in a permissionless environment.

The latest and greatest test bed for smart contract developers in Cosmos ecosystem

Network Coral’s preciousness

To begin with, Coral testnet allows developers to upload and try out their smart contracts before they deploy them on the main network, you can imagine this as developers’ sandpit and/or playground.

Secondly, it offers a safe learning environment for anyone who wants to explore CosmWasm features, including those who want to learn how to build CosmWasm smart contracts.

Thirdly, more developers and their applications will gather around CosmWasm ecosystem and naturally this will result in more attractive and smooth integration of CosmWasm on their projects, creating a virtuous circle. We can build solid and vibrant developer community.

Client-side developers can integrate and demo their wallets, explorers and other decentralized applications on the Coral net.

dApp builders can come here and see other apps before they start to write their own smart contracts, so they learn from benchmarks before they get their hands dirty.

Developers can contribute and by doing so, their reputation will be built on so that people can trust them and their project.

Validators can practice how to set up and operate nodes here and if they are beginners, they can see how others are running a node.

Validators can build up their engagement points as a reward of operating the nodes and these points will not disappear even when Coral network ends, it will be passed on to our next testnet or mainnet if we decide to launch it.

Do you want to be a Coral network’s validator?

Get involved as a validator to be a part of the growing Cosmos multi-chain ecosystem and show your support for CosmWasm.

You can find more details such as technical prerequisites, how to join the network, how to become a validator on our

These are more detailed tutorials:

If you submitted an account in the genesis file, you can stake as soon as your node finished syncing.

If you did not get in time for the genesis file, but want to run a validator, you can totally do that. Just send us a coralnet address you control and we will send you some ureef to stake. If you just want to play with the network, you need SHELLs (or ushell). We got the faucet working, so that you can serve yourself shells to pay the gas.

IMPORTANT: If you set up a node, please set the min gas price in app.toml to 0.025ushell. You will also need these to pay the fees for creating your validator (all current nodes enforce it).

Do you want to build your smart contract on Coral network?

Coral network is a playground for your dApps, get creative and try things out in the testnet!

Check out CosmWasm contract development starter documentation:

Contact us

Thank you for everyone who is (and will be) participating. We look forward to displaying some nice contracts for you to try out! If you are interested to deploy your dApp or to operate our nodes, please contact us via

Coral is one of the ecosystem with the richest, highest bio-diversity on earth. Hope CosmWasm’s first public testnet Coral nurtures valuable developers with diverse background/projects .

Coral aligns with Confio-CosmWasm’s brand concept. Confio is the parent company building CosmWasm, so we made an analogy of Mother Shell and its child Pearl for branding Confio and CosmWasm. All these are from the ocean. That is why we chose coral as our test network’s name, and maybe you will encounter more ocean creature’s names later on as CosmWasm evolves?

CosmWasm and Coral are alliterative, which means both words begin with the identical sounds and I just had to say that as a literary enthusiast and the namer of this testnet ;)


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The premier smart contract platform for the Cosmos SDK ecosystem. Easy integration to your chains. Live on 3 mainnets and more coming soon!