Sep 17, 2018 · Unlisted

When we launched the Cosplay Community Rewards Program in July, we didn’t really know what to expect. However, it’s safe to say when the program concluded at the end of PHASE 1 of the Cosplay Token Crowdsale, it marked the end of an incredibly exciting time for the Cosplay community.

As we hope you all know, there were some huge rewards on offer — including the chance to win a COT ambassadorship or a trip to Japan — so you can imagine how difficult a task it was to pick our winners!

However, after looking through some amazing entries, the Cosplay Token team was able to select our winners — coming in first was LadyLemon, and coming close in second place was KomboKatjie.

Today we’d like to introduce you to SPLgum, who came in third with an impressive 45156.25 points!

Congratulations, you’ve won a feature on, SUPER COT Merchandise Pack and 15,000 COT equivalent to US $600!

These are some of his amazing efforts:

  1. SPLgum ran his own Cosplay Token Photo Competition amongst his friends — this received a WOW and 3000 points from us!

2. COT-chan clay figures and a COT-chan x TeamSkull beanie

3. SPLgum’s guide to joining in the Cosplay Rewards Program

Congratulations SPLgum for all your work spreading the word about Cosplay Token, what an incredible contribution!

Did YOU participate in the Cosplay Rewards Program? Find out if you’ve placed in the top ten HERE or take a look at the Leaderboard to see how you match up against our winners! We’ll also be announcing which cosplayer from the top ten will become the next Cosplay Token ambassador very soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

If you missed out on all the fun of the Cosplay Community Rewards Program, don’t fret! PHASE 2 of the Cosplay Token Crowdsale is on its way!

To make sure you’re set to join the Crowdsale when the time comes, complete your KYC now and get ready to beat the PHASE 2 rush.

Cosplay Token Project - Cure WorldCosplay

The World's Largest Cosplay Platform Built On Blockchain Technology



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Cosplay Token Project - Cure WorldCosplay

The World's Largest Cosplay Platform Built On Blockchain Technology

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