Welcome to the Cosplay Community Rewards Program!

To celebrate the upcoming introduction of the Cosplay Token, we have up to $400,000 worth of Cosplay Tokens and prizes available for the Cosplay community!

If you’re a Cosplayer, Photographer, Prop-maker or even just a fan of Cosplay — we’d love to have you! Use your skills to help make COT-chan happy with Cosplay Token-themed images, videos, posts, filters and more.

Find out the PRIZES here!

Participating in the rewards program is easy. Just select the type of program you would like to complete from the form linked HERE.

Periodically, we will rate your submissions as either High, Medium, Low or Fail. You shouldn’t have to wait too much longer than a week to see your rating!

High quality entries that have had more time and effort dedicated to them will receive higher ratings and therefore larger rewards. Entries that reach a large amount of people excited about Cosplay will also receive high ratings. A small amount of special bonuses will also be on offer for exceptional entries or superhuman efforts!

Check back here to see what your entries were rated by our team.

The COT Cosplay Community Rewards Program will run from when you read this (that’s NOW) until the conclusion of the Cosplay Token Crowdsale! Your COT reward can be credited directly to a https://worldcosplay.net account when the COT wallet is implemented next year (netting you a neat 5% bonus), or to a personal Ethereum wallet after the upcoming sale.

Once again: Special rewards will be on offer to the leaders of the Cosplay Community Rewards program, so get your Cosplay on and go COTing!

Cosplay Community Rewards Programs:

COT Facebook Frames

Add a Cosplay Token frame to your profile picture! The frame can be added from the following link: https://www.facebook.com/profilepicframes?query=Cosplay%20Token. You will need to keep this frame for at least one week.

High — Cosplayer profile / large engagement — $10 (250 COT)
Medium — Regular facebook user — $5 (125 COT)
Low — Very low engagement facebook user — $1 (25 COT)
Fail — fake or spammy account — $0 (No COT!)

COT in a Display Picture

Change your avatar/profile picture, on any website to include Cosplay Token! Either replace your picture with one of our pre-made avatars (linked here), or use your paint or photoshop skills to put some COT on one of your own with our stickers (linked here). The only rule is it must include the words Cosplay Token in it. Display pictures on website such WorldCosplay.net or any other cosplay-(or even cryptocurrency-)related website are great! However, we reserve the right to disallow certain websites. Your new COT Display Picture needs to be kept for at least a week, and there is a maximum of 5 display pictures on different websites per person.

High — Profile picture on a good website/high profile activity — $10 (250 COT)
Medium — Profile picture on a average website/average profile activity — $5 (125 COT)
Low — Profile picture on a low website/low profile activity — $1 (25 COT)
Fail — fake or spammy website/profile — $0 (No COT!)

COT Cosplay Content Creation

Write or create quality content about COT (maybe a review!) or spread some information in an in-depth post. Try to focus on the relationship between COT and Cosplayers. We have a pretty amazing list of ambassadors — a good example of some quality content might be an interview with one of them. We will rate the quality of the content either High, Medium, Low or Fail. Don’t worry — we are completely unbiased and focus on the quality of your content, not whether it’s a good or bad review.

All content needs to be shared somewhere on a social media site using #CosplayToken, and must have a link back to https://cot.curecos.com/ :)

High — In depth piece with good community response — $80 (2000 COT)
Medium — Decent piece — $30 (750 COT)
Low — Low effort piece — $10 (250 COT)
Fail — Copy paste, zero effort piece — $0 (No COT!)

COT In Cosplay Media

Take a quality photo or video featuring COT-chan/the Cosplay Token and share it via your Social Media using #CosplayToken. If you think it’s amazing, show us in the COT Telegram group as well! We will rate the quality of the media as either High, Medium or Low. There will be some fun things to print out uploaded for you soon.

High — Great media with a huge community response — $80 (2000 COT)
Medium — Good media with a good community response — $30 (750 COT)
Low — Low effort media with a low community response — $10 (250 COT)
Fail — Very low effort with no cosplay or community response — $0 (No COT!)