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Innovation and adaptation are the keys to growth and success. The presence of both is important to any organization’s success. At COSS, we are driven by the ambition of building not only an exchange but an entire ecosystem for everything related to modern-day digital assets.

As a step to support innovation, COSS is launching an IEO platform ‘Liftoff’ on 21st August and is ready to host its first IEO of SWAPS.NETWORK.

The COSS ‘Liftoff’ offering is focused on adding value to our users and the projects we showcase.

What is an IEO?

Initial Exchange Offering ‘IEO’ — is an evolution of the Initial Coin Offering ‘ICO’ way of fundraising which gained popularity in the past few years. In a world where ICOs face skepticism due to lack of verifiable information, IEOs are coming up as a more reliable option. Here, the tokens are offered on an exchange. The exchange conducts an evaluation of the project and presents it to users and potential buyers for the showcased projects on their platform.

How will COSS ‘Liftoff’ benefit our ecosystem?

  1. We evaluate and present Blockchain projects adding value to the ecosystem
  2. You can make frictionless purchase of the showcased project using digital assets you hold in your exchange or app private wallets, and receive the project tokens back on the same
  3. Your identity data is kept secure with us instead of entrusting it to each separate blockchain project

Why do Blockchain projects choose COSS?

COSS provides a versatile platform as a great benefit to Blockchain projects. Here’s what projects considering to conduct an IEO need to know -

  1. Whitepaper and website readiness support are provided to Blockchain projects as an option, minimising their efforts to look out for third-party service providers
  2. One of the most crucial elements of a successful IEO, namely, its marketing strategy is taken care of by the COSS marketing team comprising of a strong team
  3. The brand value of the projects during and after the conclusion of the project is highlighted
  4. Projects have a technical team available to support and resolve any issues that may arise during the integration of tokens
  5. We also provide a tech dashboard and other platform support, which minimises the hassle of tracking the progress of their IEO
  6. Unique to COSS ‘Liftoff’, Blockchain projects will have access to a wider audience on the COSS Wallet mobile app, allowing users to take part in an IEO, right from their private wallets

How can one participate in an IEO on COSS?

Participating in IEO via COSS exchange on -

  • To participate in any IEO via the exchange, click on the IEO tab present in the sidebar of the COSS website dashboard. This is how it looks:
  • You can see all the IEOs that joined the COSS platform. Click on the ‘Participate’ button to buy tokens of your preferred project. A window will open in front of you with all the details of that project’s IEO.
  • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to proceed with your token purchase.
  • After checking the information presented to you, click on the ‘Confirm’ button to reserve your token order. You will receive the token at the end of the IEO. We will, however, confirm your order placement immediately.

  • You will be able to see all the completed, failed or pending orders in the IEO ‘History’ tab.

Participating in IEO via the COSS Wallet app —

To participate in the IEOs using COSS Wallet, you are required to sign in into your wallet account and click on the IEO tab present in the sidebar. You will see all the running, upcoming or completed IEOs in this screen.

  • Click on the IEO project that you are interested in.
  • Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to purchase the tokens of that Blockchain project.
  • In case you don’t have a wallet created, you will be prompted to create one. Click on the ‘Create Wallet’ button to proceed. If you are through with this or already have a wallet created, this is what you will see:
  • Fill in the necessary details, review and agree to the terms and conditions to make the purchase of tokens.
  • Check all the details and click ‘Confirm’ to continue with your purchase. You will be asked to fill in your Master Password and the total payable amount of your chosen tokens will be visible. This is where you can ‘Submit’ your order as well.
  • Your transaction will be confirmed and you can keep a track of all your transactions in the ‘Transaction History’ tab.

That’s it, you are all set!

Please note the following:

  • While COSS performs its own due diligence, every user must do their own research before they invest in a project. Again, please DYOR.
  • Participation in IEOs will be available only to customers who have completed their KYC with COSS. Restrictions for users from certain countries may apply.
  • All screens presented in this guide are only for reference purposes. Actual platform may differ.
  • The IEOs will be conducted on the COSS exchange website and the Wallet apps. We will never contact users directly to sell any tokens to them.

About Crypto One Stop Solution:

COSS is a Singapore based digital asset platform which serves as a one-stop solution for enabling the modern economy. The COSS platform consists of an exchange supported by a fiat gateway, a multi-asset wallet, crypto utility services, a platform for IEO launches and promotions, and a digital asset marketplace. COSS is a member of the Singapore Fintech Association and Ethereum Enterprise Alliance.

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COSS: Crypto One Stop Solution. Trade cryptocurrencies, store your digital assests in a multi-blockchain decentralised wallet and showcase your innovative Blockchain projects all on one platform.


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COSS is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange trading both Crypto and Fiat pairs.

COSS Official

COSS: Crypto One Stop Solution. Trade cryptocurrencies, store your digital assests in a multi-blockchain decentralised wallet and showcase your innovative Blockchain projects all on one platform.

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