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Hello everyone, let’s get to the updates.

Our first ever Guess the coins contest went off smoothly without a hitch. We’ve had over 15,000 entries for both contests. Thank you for your support!

The winners have been notified and CFT will be sent to their account wallets shortly.

Wallets are now open for deposit/withdrawal, and Trading starts on Wednesday. We have also reached out to the MakerDao project team asking them to spread the news amongst their community members. For those of you who are fans of the MakerDao project, we are pleased to list these two projects on our exchange. Spread the word: Maker and DAI, now at!

Now, on to the next round!

We’ve quite a few guesses already. Do spread the word, get everyone and their friends into the contest and stand to win 500 CFT.

Take part in the second round of our Gleam contest too!

Maker(MKR) is a token used for voting. Voters manage the risk of the Dai stable system by voting on the risk parameters, which essentially determines the risk profile of a CDP (Collateralized Debt Position).

Dai(DAI) is the stablecoin issued to users as a result of that CDP. It is backed in excess by multiple assets at all times, which ensures the price stability of the coin. For users, it offers an alternative to USDT or to other stablecoins.

Both MKR and DAI will be open for trading on Wednesday.


Some exchange news:

We will have a more detailed Medium coming out before Monday's trading start regarding CFT. So this week you can expect a 2nd medium from us.

CFT starts trading on the 1st of April, at 4 PM Singapore time. The CFT value when counted towards paying trading fees is calculated by taking the average price of all pairs and volume. CFT will be traded against :


Don’t forget the second CFT token burn. 1M CFT will be burned and we will announce the details shortly after it has taken place.

There have been queries from the community about delisted coins and trading history. To clarify: Your trading history remains even if the coins that make up your history gets delisted.

Kin token Swap will be supporting the KIN token swap. We will come back with more precise timing once we have more details.

Euro and GBP withdrawals

We will process the withdrawal requests once per week.

Two upcoming partnership announcements:

We are in the midst of a collaboration with Dragonchain on our e-learning platform. More details will be revealed when we are closer to rollout.

Another partnership we are currently in talks with is Altcoin Fantasy, specifically in the area of contest sponsorships with bounties and prizes, etc. More details when we have firmed up the partnership with them.

About Altcoin Fantasy:

We created Altcoin Fantasy — a crypto game — to educate users about the cryptocurrency space. By creating a fun and exciting crypto game to compete for prizes in contests, we seek to educate potential investors about the space. In participating in free contests, users will get a chance to educate themselves about the different cryptocurrencies and altcoins and game credits and others. We offer an intuitive interface which includes descriptions, news, and historical charts for each of the coins. Compete in our contests now! Win either prizes and/or coins from our sponsors!
In addition, we will also send you a weekly newsletter highlighting the world in cryptocurrencies so you will be up to date in the latest developments in cryptocurrencies.

Some news around the crypto-sphere:

Dragonchain has been making some waves lately, announcing not one, but three recent developments at the recent Money 20/20 Asia event:

  1. The public beta launch of Dragon Den. Dragon Den is a tokenized community platform that seeks to battle fake news and reward quality content in social media.
  2. Dragonchain Academy is a tokenized education marketplace built on the Dragonchain Platform. Its underlying technology can be used to create a curriculum for virtually any subject and can be customized to meet any organisation’s training needs.
  3. Dragonchain announced its partnership with M2030, a humanitarian organization dedicated to fighting Malaria. As their technology partner, Dragonchain will increase the transparency of contributions to the cause.

Opacity 1.0 launch site is live, with a clean new look designed to increase user adoption towards a crypt based storage provider. For a low, low price of 1.56 OPQ / year, you get 100 GB, unlimited downloads, all without signing up for anything. What’s not to like? Check out their recent tweet promotion to win a lifetime of free storage! has released its second dev update for Chain, which is its own blockchain powering instant payment transactions between customers and merchants for free. They’ve also launched a Singapore Referral Program, so if you know anyone in Singapore, you can get 20 USD worth of MCO tokens. Read this article for more details.

Stay tuned for more updates!

For those of you, that yet again missed finding any updates regarding COSS 2.0, you will still have to wait. We are working full speed behind the scenes and features and services will be rolled out as they become ready. COSS is very much a living and ever-evolving project with no end date and no expiry date. But rest assured, we have things on the drawing board that will make the wait worthwhile.

Join in the community at our various channels :

COSS Official

COSS: Crypto One Stop Solution. Trade cryptocurrencies, store your digital assests in a multi-blockchain decentralised wallet and showcase your innovative Blockchain projects all on one platform.


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COSS is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange trading both Crypto and Fiat pairs.

COSS Official

COSS: Crypto One Stop Solution. Trade cryptocurrencies, store your digital assests in a multi-blockchain decentralised wallet and showcase your innovative Blockchain projects all on one platform.

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