COSS.IO Migration Notice(s)

Dec 3, 2018 · 4 min read

COSS v1.2 Update

  • Migrating to v1.2
  • Revised CFT public sale date
  • After v1.2

Migrating to v1.2

The entire team is working around the clock here, and as much as we would love to be on time, we are not 100% there yet. We want to deliver a solid product this time hence why we will be postponing the launch slightly.

Thus, v1.2 is just right around the corner and here’s the plan:

1. Wednesday Evening : We will be disabling ALL deposits & withdrawals. An announcement will be made 2 hours prior.

2. Thursday Morning : Data migration will start . You will be notified 2 hours before we take the site down, and we will keep you posted throughout the process.

3. We are targeting v1.2 launch on Thursday evening.

There are a lot of things we are working on right now and we absolutely do not want to cut corners on quality and security.

In the interest of being as open with you as we can, this is where we are right now:

Partial migration tests have been conducted ever since it came online. Migration tests are extremely complex because they need to check off a lot of factors such as user data, exchange data, trade history, etc

On top of that, we are shifting database types, which adds to the complexity.

Responsive designs are not completely done yet, so we would strongly advice our users to use the web version until further notice. Rest assured that we are working on them!

Additional sneak peaks of v1.2

There’s some important information you need to know about the migration.

  • Sign-ins from v1.2 onwards will be with email address ONLY. We are removing usernames as a sign-in method because we have encountered numerous issues with this in the past. Using only one method of sign-in streamlines our back-end database and you won’t have to fear forgetting your username.
  • You will, however, have a Display name ( found in settings ). This Display name will be shown on the top right of your screen, trading promo rankings, etc. This Display name CANNOT be used as a sign-in method.
  • Trading fees for all traders will be set at 0.08% for Maker and 0.14% for Taker ( which is level 4 ) as a promo for the first 30 days. After 30 days, your actual trading volume will define your level.
  • Pending withdrawals that have not been authenticated via email will be cancelled before the final data migration.
  • ALL open orders existing on COSS 1.0 will be cancelled, and your funds will be returned to your account wallets. We are doing this to protect all our users from the market volatility.
  • Reminder: Somidax(SMDX), Blockpool(BPL) and Hydrominer(H2O) will be closed for deposits effective immediately. All pairs will be delisted, and wallets will be closed on the 5th of December. We urge all users to cancel your orders and withdraw your SMDX, BPL, H2O tokens before the 5th of December. We will not entertain any requests regarding these 3 tokens after the 2nd of Dec.

Revised CFT public sale date

Public sales of CFT will start when v1.2 is launched, so it would no longer be on the 3rd of December, as previously announced. However, private sales have already started. Please contact for more details.

We have also published a CFT FAQ :

Support Portal —

Reddit —

(Both are the same but one or the other might not be accessible in your country)

Something not related to v1.2 but still something the community should take note of: Our Slack community channel will be shut down shortly after our v1.2 launch.

After v1.2

Just a reminder for everyone: v1.2 is NOT the end of our updates. Our developers are still furiously working away on our roadmap of features which, as previously mentioned, will be progressively released.

Just a sneak peek of what’s to come:

  • Multiple charts
  • Stop Loss
  • Quick Buy
  • Basket Trading
  • Portfolio and Watchlist
  • and many more…

Join in the community at our various channels :

COSS Updates & Announcements

COSS: Crypto One Stop Solution.


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COSS is a Singapore based cryptocurrency exchange trading both Crypto and Fiat pairs.

COSS Updates & Announcements

COSS: Crypto One Stop Solution. Trade cryptocurrencies, store your digital assests in a multi-blockchain decentralised wallet and showcase your innovative Blockchain projects all on one platform.

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