Cossette Health wins Canadian Ophthalmological Society

Sister agency The Colony Project has also been named an AOR for the organization

After a competitive RFP process, Cossette Health and The Colony Project have been selected as the new agencies of record for the Canadian Ophthalmological Society (COS). The sister agencies, under the same umbrella of Vision7 International, will work closely together to develop and launch an integrated national public awareness campaign to increase consumer understanding of ophthalmology.

“As the national, recognized authority on eye and vision care in Canada, we see a growing need to educate Canadians on the different types of eye health practitioners and the unique training, education and skills of ophthalmologists,” says Rosalind O’Connell, Manager, Communications and Public Affairs, Canadian Ophthalmological Society. “Cossette Health and Colony demonstrated the creativity and strategy we’re looking for to really bring a campaign to life. We look forward to launching this project with them.”

“While other eye health practitioners can correct vision, only ophthalmologists can restore it,” says Joe Dee, managing director, Cossette Health. “Our passion and spirit for this project engendered a natural chemistry with COS, and we eagerly await being able to highlight the unique role ophthalmologists play in treating eye conditions and diseases.”

Ophthalmology as a practice is not well-understood amongst the Canadian public, except for those who have dealt with eye afflictions. There is general confusion and lack of awareness of the difference between opticians, optometrists and ophthalmologists, the latter of which are the only medical doctors and the only eye health practitioners that can perform eye surgeries. COS aims to educate Canadians about the positive difference ophthalmologists make in the lives of people they treat.

“Ophthalmology is empowering the lives of thousands of Canadians through specialized, medical treatment,” says Amanda Shuchat, managing director, The Colony Project. “We’re so invested in this project and excited about our ability to share the incredible differences ophthalmologists make in the lives of their patients.”

The campaign will launch in spring 2017 and will include a video series, media relations, influencer engagement and an innovation showcase. Cossette Health will lead the creative development with PR and influencer relations led by The Colony Project.

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