Highline BETA and Cossette Health Partner to Create New Healthcare Innovation Model

Partnership will focus on corporate innovation; creating healthcare startups to resolve key business and industry challenges

We’re very excited to announce a new partnership with Highline BETA, a startup co-creation company that evolved from the successful pre-seed venture capital firm Highline, focused on innovating healthcare with a new startup co-creation model.

Highline BETA and Cossette Health talking about their new partnership

The pairing of Highline BETA and Cossette Health will provide healthcare organizations the opportunity to create and market innovative digital solutions. The collaboration will leverage a startup methodology to successfully disrupt companies from the inside out — identifying key problem areas and/or opportunities that top-tier founders can address and solve via compelling digital product.

“Healthcare can be a complex space, so having an insider’s perspective allows us to better understand how to innovate from within,” said Marcus Daniels, co-founding partner of Highline BETA. “Bringing the startup co-creation model to large corporate players who not only understand the complexities of healthcare but also have scale to create reach within the industry will result in high-quality experiences for consumers, patients and healthcare providers.”

With the goal to co-create and actively invest in digital health startups, Highline BETA and Cossette Health will collaborate to bring this initiative — including internal and external accelerator models — to key players across Canada’s healthcare space. The partnership will provide end-to-end services and product delivery, from initial strategy consulting; to exploring areas of opportunity, risk and transformation; to taking new products and services to market.

“Our clients are looking to tap into the healthcare startup ecosystem as an organic opportunity to grow their innovation offering,” commented Joe Dee, managing director of Cossette Health. “This new model is a way for them to directly discover or create new entities, and to go after meaningful opportunities that evolve their business position while staying ahead of the curve.”

With the Highline BETA offering of creating, funding and growing pre-seed startups combined with the Cossette Health experience of creating transformative digital health solutions, the partnership is set to impact healthcare on a national and global stage.

For more information, visit www.highlinebeta.com/health.