Joining Costanoa Ventures as an Executive in Residence

Photo Credit: Emma Glickman

After spending the last 20+ years in product management and executive leadership roles at tech companies both large and small, I recently joined Costanoa Ventures as an Executive in Residence. In my EIR/XIR role (succinctly explained by Adam Nash, an eBay alumni colleague), I look forward to learning the craft of how VCs evaluate new investment opportunities while offering my operational expertise to startup founders and teams on product strategy and business management best practices as they grow and scale their companies.

I’ve navigated the entire cradle-to-grave product lifecycle at different stages of growth at different companies, including,, Yahoo!, eBay, and Netscape. During the early days at eBay I wrote the initial business plan to start-up and fund an initiative to build a global suite of software tools from scratch to help small businesses and PowerSellers scale their sales more efficiently on eBay’s marketplace platform. At Yahoo!, I learned that it’s critical to invest in mentoring and coaching teams aka “product managing the organization” rather than just product managing a list of cool features. Great products are always executed by great cross-functional product teams that are well coached, mentored, and empowered, never by just one or two ‘heroes’. I’ve also navigated complex products in heavily regulated industries that have not yet been disrupted by technology such as healthcare. At, where I managed a $100M P&L, we created the nation’s first ever ecommerce marketplace for purchasing and enrolling in health insurance and have served over 5 million customers with world class user experience and technology.

Why Costanoa?

Costanoa is a unique venture capital firm that invests mostly in SaaS infrastructure and marketplaces, and our portfolio is carefully chosen because each company has the potential to truly change how business gets done. I’m very fortunate to work with a talented and world class team including long-time Netscape alumni colleagues, Greg Sands and Martina Lauchengco.

I’m currently advising and working with an awesome team at Stitch Labs as they execute on their ambitious product vision of offering the best omnichannel inventory management software for modern retailers. My involvement has included coaching and mentoring on:

  • Agile product roadmap
  • “Puts and Takes” prioritization
  • Interviewing/evaluating potential hires

I’m very excited to share lessons learned with innovative entrepreneurs and contributing to their growth and success in any way I can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me for coffee so we can catch up! Hope to see you soon!