The Power of Messaging Platforms

Messaging-based interfaces are transforming the way business gets done — and how businesses interact with their customers. Messaging-based interfaces, also known as chatbots, go way beyond messaging with friends and beyond text altogether. They pair conversational interfaces with rich graphical elements, and now allow every interaction between businesses and consumers to be personalized and one-to-one.

It’s hard to overstate how significant this opportunity is. New platforms for two-way communication come along very rarely — mail, telegraph, phone, email, web, SMS, apps, and now messaging. Whether buying a ticket from a major airline, or eating dinner at a mom and pop restaurant, the entire consumer lifecycle can happen in chat: browsing, configuring, payment, making changes, notifications, receipts, reviews, promotions, and future purchases.

The capabilities of the underlying platforms to deliver a great user experience have gone through a Cambrian explosion over the last two years. But how do businesses manage these experiences across channels and geographies?

As we enter the post-app economy, businesses need software to harness the power of these messaging platforms. That’s where Botworx comes in. Brands will use Botworx to easily and affordably acquire, engage, and transact with consumers via popular messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WeChat and iMessage. The bot creation and management platform allows brands to use chatbots and messaging services not just for customer service and retention, but for acquiring customers by attaching interactive advertising and sharing content within the messaging tool. It features full lifecycle management and analytics, an AI-powered natural language engine and industry-leading commerce, trust and security features.

The founding team, Mahi de Silva, Manoj Malhotra, and Mark Fruehan built the mobile advertising business at Opera Mediaworks and the mobile messaging infrastructure at VeriSign. Not many teams have built multiple businesses to hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, let alone in the mobile ecosystem. We believe the Botworx team will translate their extensive expertise into the next evolution of the mobile experience. We are lucky to be leading their $3 million seed financing and look forward to an exciting journey!

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