Welcoming FaunaDB

FaunaDB Enterprise is designed to span any combination of public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises datacenters.

In any investment decision, the team is the single most important variable. Once in awhile, though, we meet people who are so talented that we simply have to be in business with them. That was the case with Evan Weaver and his team at FaunaDB, where we’re happy to announce our participation in their Series A financing.

Evan and his co-founders built and scaled the early infrastructure at Twitter, and they’ve since assembled a diverse team with unparallelled database expertise from Couchbase, Oracle, Basho, and Google. Their goal is audacious: To build a new database for the core operations of businesses, in the cloud and on premise. Legacy solutions are expensive, inflexible, and not built for the public cloud. Newer products are functionally incomplete and nightmarish to manage. Fauna addresses both of these shortcomings, and early customers are already showing that the market is ready for something better.

Please join us in welcoming FaunaDB to the Costanoa community!