“Running out of jobs” is impossible and ridiculous

There are about 4 million babies born in US each year. Worldwide the number is 131 million.

That’s a problem. We could run out of names for babies.

Jobs are a prescribed social role for participating in political programs. There is nothing intrinsic about the nature of jobs that limits them to being about production. You perform a role in an institution, organization, or group, and that entity uses their political or social powers, and grants you resource claims.

If jobs are about being productive and creating life essentials, that’s great! This allows us to put food in our mouths and shoes on our feet. But in reality, most jobs play a supportive political or social role in our productive programs.

It’s just as impossible to run out of jobs as it is to run out of baby names.

Are you tired of the ridiculous culture we have created around defining these political and social roles people must perform to secure basic resource claims? Me too! We have so much in common.

It’s not always easy for people to see how this works, and thereby improve our political, social and financial practices. Good luck out there! Be patient and make the best life you can, wherever you may find yourself!



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Derek McDaniel

Derek McDaniel

Technology, programming, and social economy.