How it started

Me and my husband (then boyfriend) met as entrepreneurs, that’s what brought us close however we were both busy giving shape to our own dreams. Hustling day in day out, dealing with each day of startup journey on “one day at a time” rule. His was a technology startup (which he exited later over differences) and mine was a catering cloud kitchen offering B2B meal solutions to corporates. I am a complete operations person and he is a tech guy and often we would help each other since our skills complemented. We had many times thought of doing and building something together but the discussion would never really go anywhere. Being into hospitality presentation mattered a lot to us and we were constantly looking for good pictures however being a startup we were just not ready to pay tens of thousands for quality of pictures. It had become a pain point for us. My business partner (who is also my brother) then suggested why don’t we pick a beginner rather than an established name since this would add value to both of us and newcomer will be more dedicated for the budget we have and quality we expect. Our search started and it went on for another 3 months and finally we could find a beginner who wanted to start his career, fresh out of best photography school in India, looking for an opportunity to work with a great team and for all of us it proved to be highly beneficial project. We were happy with their level of discipline and quality as well as it cost us less than we had planned. This pointed us into a direction that “how great it would be if we can have a platform for small businesses like us where we can get quality work done in cost effective manner and don’t have to rush for finding a professional”. Life went on and after 1 month my husband showed us the first prototype of “coswafe”. Our eyes beamed in awe. This was the solution we have been looking for. “Coswafe”. Http://