In the age of “Information Overdose” & “having 1000 friends on Facebook” how do we really stay connected?

‘Social Media’ the word has ‘social’ at its core. The real essence of social media was brought forward by Mark Zuckerberg from his Hardvard dorm room when he created a site which will connect ‘all your friends in the classroom’ on a virtual platform and he named it.. “TheFacebook”. We will connect the world and bring people together with their real identity defined by themselves said Mark often when he was asked about Facebook’s vision. What happened in past 14 years is a history.

Facebook puts a lot of emphasis on connections, networks, identity, sharing in a way these are core values of the company and just think for a moment who would have been using Facebook if it didn’t shared those values? This clearly communicates the structural belief of human evolution. “Man is a social animal” and our desire to connect supersedes all other desires”. However in modern times we find ourselves in middle of a dilemma often. Are we really connected to our 100s of thousands of friends on hundreds of different social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, snapchat, YouTube, Twitter so on and so forth. Sometimes I feel I am lost in this huge cobweb of humans and networks and really struggle to find ‘how do I add value to my online presence?’

Internet is the new world, and it’s a global village with a population of 3.6 Bn people and increasing. We are consistently bomabraded with information about friends, family, colleague, office, city, country, globe etc. Exhaustive..phew!

Now think about this how about if we find a place which addresses one key area of interest, have limited members with real identity and we build valuable networks which adds value in each of our lives. That’s going to be the next level of Social Media. I am not interested in knowing every little thing about my friends life and neither want to scroll through unnecessary pool of photographers on Instagram all of it is creating “digital pollution”. I want to be specific about what I see and how much.

We have many such platforms slowly coming up like Zomato- specific for food, Theweddingbrigade- all things wedding, Linkedin- everything about growing your professional relationships And such platforms are going to be more frequent in times coming like Zivame or Clovia-all things lingerie that’s it nothing else. Coswafe – everything about professional photographers, nothing else.

This is the future of Social media and it will help us build more strong, genuine, relevant connections where everybody benefits.

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