#PhotoContest #Odyssey is Now Live!

Photo Contest 20th Nov- 20th Jan.

We couldn’t be more excited to share this with you. Odyssey, as we will call it, our Annual photo contest, is a dream come true for us. We launched Coswafe earlier this July with a vision to get creative artists their due more specifically to photographers and videographers. In an increasingly connected world, it is important to tell and share stories as much as we can and we at Coswafe believe in our heart and mind that there can be no better way to tell a story than through photos/videos.

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Photography is not merely a profession nor it is just an art form rather it is so much deeper, A photographer doesn’t only carries a camera and the equipment when (s)he steps out in the world to get that perfect picture but it is the passion to share the right story, to share a story which has been waiting to be told, to share & capture the subject’s perspective. The lens is that of a photographer but the eyes are of the Subject (who is being photographed a person, object, animal, living, non-living anything) and it is upto the photographer to justify his/her pictures to the subject first & then share it with the world. It is a job easier said than done.

ODYSSEY is a journey of a photographer and his/her stories captured over the years. It exhibits the patience, labor and hard work that a photographer puts in to capture a moment forever.

This year we are celebrating stories that captured the essence of Humanity- ‘Compassion’. Compassion has many forms love, prayer, care, sacrifice, courage etc. and the underlying feeling in expressing these emotions is the willingness to surrender and ‘Give’, which is also the theme for the contest “The Joy of Giving”.

We all know that when we share our life with someone the joy multiplies. Be it listening to someone in pain, giving away your metro/bus/train seat to an elderly, rescuing an animal, sharing your food with the needy, planting a tree, gifting someone, helping your colleague in the office. These small gestures of everyday life are what make life worth living, so let’s celebrate the spirit of “Joy of Giving” and let’s get on this ride journey “ODYSSEY”

To know more about the contest click here: http://odyssey.coswafe.com/home

P.S. Early Bird Registration closes on 30th November 2018, so don't forget to apply before that.