Technology behind Coswafe

The pilot of is using Cakephp & Mysql for the web interface. We are using Google Compute Engine to host our website.

We are still exploring the potential of Blockchain for the platform, especially storage. Earlier, we implemented a version of storage with IPFS. However, the concept of maintaining permanent nodes for running the platform was not efficient for us. Also, an application like Akasha (leveraging Metamask for web) would not be feasible for our non-tech savvy users

Ultimately, there are success stories like Steemit and Dtube which helps solidify our stand that a decentralized network is the future. But for the time being, many things don’t fall in a single place for an application like ours.

An invitation

If you feel that we overlooked Blockchain or perhaps there could have been a starting point, please feel free to comment.

Also, we are looking for people to work on our platform. Drop me a message on my Linkedin and I will be happy to speak

Product Video(Alpha)

Coswafe product video (alpha version)
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