We are happy to announce the winner of our independence day and world photography day contest’s winner.

A photographer is someone who captures a moment in time, thanks to them we can revisit these moments eternally. The moments which make our life worthwhile. And what is more special than the moment at which one breaks free. The moment when entire world starts to seem as if it exists only for our sake, the moment when the beauty starts to become endless. This is perhaps what made world’s oldest civilization bursting with youth again, the freedom, from the shackles of ages. No matter how old we get this day will always remind us of who we are and where have we come from, this day our Independence day, is our special moment. It is keeping this in mind that we ran the contest and we have got our winner, …. . A picture tells thousand words so we will not try to describe it and let you derive your own meaning from it.

we would like to congratulate Pawan Madhotra (https://www.instagram.com/pawanmadhotra ) on behalf of team COSWAFE (@coswafe ) for this beautiful picture and wish all of you a Happy WorldPhotographyDay!

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