Cosynd Helps to Bridge the Gap for Creators as the Copyright Office Increases Common Registration Fees on March 20th, 2020

Mar 6 · 4 min read

After conducting an extensive study, the Copyright Office has announced that it is implementing new fees on March 20th, 2020. To help creators adjust to the new cost structure, Cosynd is lowering its pricing through the month of April to $25* per single application. Additionally, for premium subscribers, Cosynd is waiving up to $100 of its administration fees (the cost of filing four applications).

The most common registration types that will be affected by the federal fee increases include:

Groups of Unpublished Works: An application that includes two or more unpublished titles (now $85):

  • Example: A group of unpublished sound recordings or musical compositions where all of the authors/owners are the same. The Copyright Office only allows creators to register up to ten unpublished titles on one application. Collections with 11 or more items will require an additional application(s).
  • Fee Increase: +$30, increasing from $55 to $85.

Standard Applications: The most common application type that involves a single or group of titles created/owned by multiple people (now $65).

  • Example: A single or group of songs, videos, illustrations, literature etc. that have been released and have multiple authors/owners for each title. The authors/owners are identical for each title. Additional applications will be necessary for titles that have different authors and owners.
  • Fee Increase: +$10, increasing from $55 to $65.

Simple Applications: An application for one title that has 1 author and owner (now $45):

  • For example, a single book, sound recording, image, etc. by 1 author and owner.
  • Fee Increase: +$10, increasing from $35 to $45.

The fee changes above apply to electronic filings. If you are filing a paper form, the new application fee is $125 (an increase of +$40). Certain fees will remain the same, such as the fee to register a group of photographs. Some fees have decreased, such as the fee to amend an application.

For more information, we recommend that you check out the full list of fee changes made by the U.S. Copyright Office — click here.

To help creators adjust to the increase of federal filing fees, Cosynd is lowering its administration fees starting March 9th through April 30th. Creators that use Cosynd to prepare and e-file their copyright registration applications can do so for just $25 (reduced from $35) plus federal filing fees. Furthermore, for all existing and new premium subscribers, Cosynd is offering up to 4 free applications by waiving its administration fees (users will only have to pay for federal filing fees). Cosynd’s registration service includes the preparation, review, e-filing, and handling of correspondence with the Copyright Office as needed for the life of the application (three to seven months). Cosynd will also be updating its process to accommodate filing changes that the Copyright Office will be implementing, such as the ability to register an album of music and all associated materials (album art, literature, etc. ) on the same application.

If you haven’t already registered, there are a number of reasons why you will need to in the near future. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that copyright creators must register their copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office before they can file an infringement lawsuit. “Registration” in this case means that the Copyright Office has reviewed your application and provided a decision regarding it. Obtaining a decision can take 3 to 7 months. For a complete list of all registration benefits, click here.

The new fee schedule is a result of a cost study conducted by the Copyright Office and the review of over 100 public comments. Per the notice:

“Congress authorized the Register to set and adjust Copyright Office fees that are fair, equitable, and give due consideration to the objectives of the copyright system. The Office adjusts its fees at appropriate intervals after conducting a study of the actual cost to the Office for providing its fee-based services. In setting its fees, the Office is mindful of its responsibilities to authors and other copyright owners to price services at a level that encourages participation in the registration and recordation process, not only for their own benefit but also for the benefit of licensees and other users of works of authorship, as well as the public at large. While a number of fees, including the fee for standard registrations, have increased to permit the Office to more fully recoup its expenses, some fees have decreased, and others, such as the group application for photographs, remain the same.”

To protect all of your copyrights — your music, videos, images, and documents — start your application with Cosynd here today.

*All Cosynd partner communities will receive an additional discount of $20 per application plus federal filing fees. Want to partner with us? Shoot us an email at


Cosynd is the fastest and most affordable way for creators to protect themselves and their copyrights.


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Cosynd is the fastest and most affordable way for creators to protect themselves and their copyrights.

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