COT Announce the Launch of the NUWA Project

COT are excited to announce the recent launch of our IoT intelligent Hardware development platform — The NUWA Project. The NUWA Project team are going to be development the commercial applications of COT in blockchain, IoT and intelligent hardware scenarios. The team consists of experts from a variety of key COT disciplines — including but not limited to — experts in chip technology, RFID, IoT gateways, machinery, electronics, internet technology, intelligent hardware developing, customer experience, material application design, hardware and software system integration.

The NUWA Platform shall lay the foundation for COT’s multi-chain based intelligent hardware solution.

The NUWA platform shall initially provide verification tests for multi-chain technologies in the following instances, and subsequently support the testing and verification of additional distributed trust scenarios —

1) Identity, Authentication, and the Trusted Bearer of Things

IoT blockchain applications firstly need to authenticate the identity of an object to establish a unique identity on the blockchain. This identity cannot be falsified or copied.

The identity bearer of “things” is more complicated relatively. Because of the various attributes and scenario requirements of “things” themselves, the required bearer needs to consider the compatibility of the blockchain data and adapt to the needs of multiple scenarios. Some example scenarios are — a smart label attached to a bottle of cola or a piece of clothing, a heated smart label on a box of rice, a smart label that can be soaked in a liquid like wine, a smart label engraved on a porcelain, etc. COT has solutions expertly tailored to the specific needs of these scenarios — and many others.

“Things” based identification involves conveniently reading the identity of trusted “things” by identifying solution systems for people or machines. The consumer can read the identity information of their purchased goods through the mobile phone APP to identify the goods authenticity. Warehouses can be intelligently managed by identifying the identity information of their goods. Retail outlets can identify products that are sold or replenished through the identification system.

2) Smart Lock

Security operators may use blockchain data to establish people’s identity and to prevent the malicious disclosure of customer data. The identification data is compared and recognized via the exchange of information between the Internet and the blockchain, finally, the unlocking authority is confirmed, and the instruction is executed.

3) Digital Asset Hardware Wallet

The digital asset hardware wallet provides underlying support in verification processes, small semi-offline storage systems, payment systems and peer-to-peer digital asset trading systems.

4) Chain Connector

Internet and blockchain network data lowers the on-chain threshold through the COT IoT and intelligent hardware standard interface. Data collaboration and the exchange of decentralized identity data within the COT public chain provides an underlying identification system that can support customized solutions for digital assets — supporting transactions and the redemption of multiple digital assets.

5) New Retail

Providing applications for the verification for digital assets within New Retail. It’s not uncommon to buy a bottle of water with RMB. How cool would it be to take out your hardware wallet and use your digital assets to purchase a bottle of water? Joining the identification system, the AI smart shopping guide and the offline settlement supporting trading system greatly improves the retailer’s efficiency and effectiveness and saves customers from waiting in line.

6) Underlying Hardware and Software Support System for Decentralized Advertising Operations and Interactive Consumption Data

This system supports user-defined preferences and concerns and can comprehensively recommend product information and shopping information in a way that doesn’t threaten an individual’s personal privacy. Through the trading and interaction of people and things on the platform — resulting data synergies, advertising values and the data synergy values are confirmed by the data generating entity.

7) Social Media

An individual’s comments on a book or a product are personal data assets that can be confirmed, shared, and even exchanged as valuable assets.

8) Flexible Customization

More multi-chain intelligent hardware infrastructure solutions are supported. We invite you build a COT system with us and reduce the threshold of distributed trust technology.

Trust requires efficiency — which serves physical society and creates real value.

Trust needs to be simple and support industry development, and professional innovation.

The COT system provides you with the support required for establishing trust — making it easy for you to create exciting new business solutions and systems.

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