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A Step-By-Step Guide On How to Generate and Mint CMD Tokens on Top of COTI’s Trustchain Protocol

In this tutorial, we will show you how to generate and mint CMD tokens in the Testnet environment.

Follow the steps below to start testing. You can also watch this video:

  1. Log into your COTI Pay VIPER wallet. Still don’t have one? Here is a detailed guide explaining how to open and set up your COTI Pay VIPER Wallet.
  2. Navigate to the “My Tokens” page.
  3. Click on “Generate a new Token”.

4. Choose the name, symbol and total supply of your token and click “Generate Token”.

5. Once the token generation transaction is confirmed, you can locate the newly generated token in the tokens list and click “Manage”:

6. Choose the number of tokens you’d like to mint and choose a Testnet wallet address. Then click “Mint”:

7. Congratulations! You just generated and minted your own test token. It should look like this:

Please be reminded that at this time, COTI’s protocol is designed for stablecoins, enterprise tokens and payments applications for enterprise users. While the “My Tokens” section in Testnet is open for everyone, in its early stages, the Mainnet version will be available only for enterprises. In the future, our plan is to make our Trustchain protocol available to developers so they can build on top of it.

Generating and minting test tokens is only available through desktop and mobile browsers. It is not available through a mobile app at the moment.

For more information about MultiDAG 2.0 Hard fork, visit here:

Stay COTI!

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