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ADA Pay Plugins are Now Available For Odoo!

We are happy to announce that Rodolfo Miranda, one of the winners of Catalyst fund 7, has completed an ADA Pay plugin on Odoo (On Demand Open Object) for midsize businesses. Odoo is an Open-Source solution of business applications with more than 7 million users that have been adopted from startups to large enterprises.

The ADA Pay gateway solution is one of the first necessary steps in bringing $ADA to the masses. The ADA payment system for businesses, built on the Cardano blockchain, allows merchants to accept ADA as a payment method with instant settlement. We previously shared another project Catalyst team, Carl Henry Global, that created an ADA Pay plugin for 8 different shopping platforms including Wordpress, Joomla and WooCommerce.

As part of the COTI — Project Catalyst challenge- we invited teams to develop ADA Pay plug-in solutions ready to be integrated into different e-commerce platforms. 5 out of the 16 submissions were funded. The goal of this project was to develop and deliver an application for the Odoo platform that acts as a payment acquirer that accepts ADA for payments using the ADA Pay API.

Rodolfo Miranda said: “Delivering this project can’t be more streamlined. The ADA Pay API just simplifies the development process. Not only is it well documented, but also the COTI team was prompt to give us support to all of our questions and concerns. I really appreciate COTI professionalism and dedication.”

COTI’s development and business development teams worked closely with Rodolfo Miranda, and we would like to thank him for exceeding expectations and deadlines. We look forward to sharing more updates soon!

Stay COTI!

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