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ADA Pay Plugins are Now Available For WooCommerce, Wordpress and More!

We are happy to share that thanks to the Carl Henry Global team, ADA Pay plugins are now available on 8 different online shopping platforms, including Wordpress, Joomla and WooCommerce.

COTI’s development and business development teams worked closely with Carl Henry Global, and we would like to thank him for exceeding expectations and deadlines.

The ADA Pay gateway solution is one of the first necessary steps in bringing ADA to the masses. The ADA payment system for businesses, built on the Cardano blockchain, allows merchants to accept ADA payments with instant settlement.

As part of the COTI — Project Catalyst challenge- we invited teams to develop an ADA Pay plug-in solution ready to be integrated into different e-commerce platforms. 5 out of the 16 submissions were funded.

After only 2 months of development, the Carl Henry Global team along with the COTI team, has achieved an amazing milestone. Currently 6 payment gateways and 4 Specialist Plug-ins (Donations & Buy-Now Buttons) are live and available for implementation. It means that any merchant who works with Joomla, Wordpress, or WooCommerce and wishes to receive ADA as a payment method, can now easily sign up as a merchant to ADA Pay, receive the API Key and add the plugin. The Carl Henry Global team conducted hundreds of successful transactions tests, and the plug-in is now available here.

We also interviewed Carl to hear more about his experience working with COTI and his future plans. Watch the interview below:

Stay COTI!

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