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Announcing Our New Partnership with the Cardano Ecosystem — COTI to Partner with Catalyst’s $1B Fund to Ignite Innovation in COTI’s Ecosystem

As just announced, COTI is the first to launch a Catalyst Native fund.

Cardano’s Catalyst is a $1 Billion fund that collects hundreds of thousands of votes for each proposal and thousands of developers engaged in innovation challenges.

Launching a Catalyst Native fund brings COTI to the spotlight of the Cardano community, supporters, and developers as it allows teams from all over the world to take part in the COTI development and marketing challenges. With Catalyst Native, COTI gains access to a veritable trove of ideas and to those with the skills to realize them.

Moreover, this endeavor will scale up our development and marketing resources and allow us to enhance our existing products and services, be it for Cardano or others, as well as to develop new features and products. This will bring COTI’s network to grow further and support an even wider range of financial technologies and use cases for enterprises and merchants.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen commented: “As COTI continues to grow, it’s only natural for COTI to invest funds and resources in projects and teams that can substantially grow COTI’s ecosystem. We are honored to be the first company Cardano has chosen to join the Catalyst fund with its amazing reach and performance track record”.

We are excited to launch our first challenge:

Stay COTI!

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