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Binance Custody Will Become COTI’s Custodian for its ERC20 Tokens

We are happy to announce another step taken by COTI in furthering our partnership and collaboration with the Binance ecosystem.

Binance Custody is an institutional-grade digital asset custody solution. It has secured insurance to further strengthen investor protection and it is fully regulated.

COTI will store 150 million ERC-20 $COTI, that are not in circulation, on Binance Custody’s cold storage platform for virtual assets.

In addition, $COTI is also available as a supported margin asset to trade on Binance Futures under the Binance Portfolio Margin program, with a high collateral rate of 80%, similar to AVAX and EOS. Binance’s Margin and Custody programs enable institutional and VIP traders to access, hold, or utilize according to their individual needs.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI’s CEO said:

Stay COTI!

About Binance Custody:

Binance Custody is fully regulated, insured, and seamlessly integrated into the Binance ecosystem. The digital asset custody service uses multi-party computation (MPC) technology to provide bespoke solutions for clients. With no compromise between world-class security and an easy and efficient user experience, the platform features a customizable multi-approval scheme, allowing institutions to operate crypto assets systematically, securely, and in a controlled fashion. The core technology of our custodial service is also certified with ISO 27001 & 27701, the world’s best-known quality management standards in information security and privacy protection.

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