cFund, the Cardano ecosystem venture fund, announces its first VC investment in COTI

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4 min readApr 6, 2021


cFund is excited to announce its investment into COTI on an equity based deal to accelerate the integration and deepen the cooperation between COTI and Cardano. This will be the first investment for cFund.

cFund is managed by California-Regulated Wave Financial and anchored by IOHK. IOHK is led by Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano. The cFund proactively looks for strategic investments synergistic to the Cardano platform.

David Siemer, General Partner of cFund: “cFund is excited to invest in this new opportunity. Shahaf and the team will bring significant adoption to the Cardano blockchain with COTI’s business partnerships and innovative enterprise-grade fintech technology. We at Wave have been long time supporters of COTI and are thrilled to continue to support this great team.

David Siemer

COTI and Cardano’s relationship goes back for more than two years now. COTI released the first version of ADA Pay back in 2019 and is now engaged in creating the new ADA Pay for Shelley Mainnet, which is due to be released in the coming weeks with its first major client.
Further developments and more products are in active discussion between the teams that will be announced later in the year.

“We have tremendous respect for the COTI team and we are excited to deepen our relationship with this investment. COTI has been a great partner across several projects already, and we plan to leverage their advanced fintech architecture to enable future finance applications on ADA,” Said Charles Hoskinson.

Charles Hoskinson

“I’m honored to have the cFund as investors and supporters in COTI — we don’t take such a vote of confidence lightly. We’d like to thank Charles Hoskinson, Jeff Pollack and the executive team of Cardano, alongside David Siemer of cFund, for putting their trust in COTI and its technological abilities by making the fund’s symbolic first investment in us. Cardano has one of the biggest and most engaged communities in the space and we are excited to join this family as partners. Today marks a milestone for COTI’s development and we’re excited to look to the future and to work together with the Cardano team”, said Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI CEO.

Shahaf Bar-Geffen

Stay COTI!

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