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COTI Adds a New Community Node: Meet the Lars Node

August will mark the 6th Community node added to the MainNet and the 12th in total.

We are pleased to present to you the Lars Node.

The new Community node will be operated by a TestNet operator who has been with COTI for a long time and has rightfully earned his new “MainNet Operator” title.

Lars is one of COTI’s first members who went through almost all of COTI’s phases and never failed to give us his feedback. We always felt his devotion to the project and it has been time for him to join the ranks of MainNet node operators.

The Lars Node will go live on August 1st and stakers will be able to apply for staking under his node.

Here is what Lars had to say:

“I am so proud to be chosen as the next node operator! I have been following COTI since the beginning of 2018 and I am impressed by COTI’s achievements.

First of all, I would like to say thank you to the amazing team. They are really doing a great job! A dedicated Dev-Team, an energetic support team, a charismatic management, and most of all a strong community — that are the basics for COTI’s success story.

I’m really looking forward to supporting the network by running a node and to help increase the scalability and security of the COTI DAG.


Moon or Lambo… not my style. I really can’t wait to spend some COTI for buying products — Stay $COTI & don’t forget to SEND IT!”

By adding this 6th Community node into the MainNet, COTI is now increasing the staking volume to 50M COTI!

The demand for participation in Staking 2.0 continues to be very high and we receive application requests at a very high pace. Adding new nodes enables more staking spots. We will continue adding nodes gradually.


Stake COTI, stay COTI!

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