COTI, Currency of the Internet, partners with MEDIA Protocol

COTI has teamed up with MEDIA Protocol, a brilliant protocol that seeks to level the media marketing playing field by redistributing power away from third-party intermediaries.

All news from COTI will now be available through CryptoCatnip, the first dApp to incorporate MEDIA Protocol. All of COTI’s blog posts will be shared across MEDIA Protocol’s extensive community through an incentive-driven model that leverages the directness, transparency, and security of the blockchain.

Download: CryptoCatnip

COTI is joining a handful of other projects, such as dispatch Labs, Bluzelle, Swipe, Quadrant, Loki, Render, Blockpulse, Deconet, Canya and more, who are all deploying their news via CryptoCatnip. This will enable all crypto enthusiasts to follow their favourite projects and keep up-to-date with trending ICO news stories and announcements.

What is MEDIA Protocol?

MEDIA Protocol turns content into Smart URLs, which brands and publishers can load up with tokens. When you read, watch or interact with your favorite content, you get paid!

There are artists, agencies and brands out there that want to make great content that is really relevant to you. MEDIA Protocol makes you part of the economy, so you have the power to provide direct feedback to the people that make and promote the content you love.

MEDIA Protocol has a strong proof of concept. Their dApp, known as CryptoCatnip, enables you to view and engage with cryptocurrency news from a range of established publishers within the cryptospace.

What is COTI?

COTI is building a platform that is made up of a blockless chain, a new consensus algorithm, and dApps. Its first use case is a payment platform, which creates payment networks over DAG.

COTI can be used by all types of merchants, payment service providers, financial organizations and developers who wish to create their own payment network, reduce their dependence on cash, credit cards and banks. This will enable them to reduce fees, grow profits, save time and gain back control of their money and data.

COTI’s 30+ people team is built from highly experienced individuals from IBM (former head of research), Ripple (former CRO), Blackrock (former CIO), Investec bank (former CEO) and more.

The COTI community is growing rapidly. Our alpha net will be launching in September, be sure to sign up on If you have any questions, you are welcome to get in touch with us on Telegram or via email.

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