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3 min readJun 13, 2024

It has been a couple of weeks since we launched the COTI V2 Developer Network and the team has been hard at work gathering feedback from builders, improving the developer experience, and making steady progress across all COTI development aspects. Keeping our community informed is a priority for us, and we’re happy to share this comprehensive update on all the developments and the progress of our tech upgrades.

Smart Contract Deployment

Since the launch of the COTI V2 Developer Network, users have deployed over 300 smart contracts! We received very positive feedback from both builders and some of our design partners. They’ve highlighted how straightforward it was to explore and build on our Developer Network using the quick start guide and smart contract examples provided. We continue to gather feedback and improve our processes and documentation on an ongoing basis.

If you have a smart contract idea or application design concept and you want to build on COTI’s Developer Network, you can join the COTI V2 Builders program for an opportunity to get grants. You can also submit your feedback which the team will be happy to review and respond to.

SDK Bugs Resolved

During the initial phases of the COTI V2 Developer Network launch, we discovered a small number of bugs within the SDK that were preventing some smart contracts from being deployed. All identified bugs have been resolved.

SDK Library Updated

The COTI V2 SDKs are continuously being improved with detailed documentation. As such, we have split the original repositories into dedicated example repositories and SDK repositories to provide more clarity. Check it out here.


For those unfamiliar with the Solidity ecosystem, Remix is a popular web-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) used to simplify the entire development process. We’ve received a small number of reports from users that have reported issues deploying specific contracts to the Developer Network. We are preparing an RFP to design and build a Remix plugin to support the missing COTI features.

gCOTI Voting for Treasury Fee Proposal

Following the influx of new users eager to engage with COTI, along with feedback from our existing Treasury users, we recently submitted a proposal for a change in the fees charged by the COTI Treasury. After a community consultation period lapsed in which no negative feedback was received, the decision on whether to implement this change will be left up to gCOTI holders in a community-led vote. We’ve been busy preparing the system for the vote that is to be held on the 18th of June.

Djed 1.2

For those of you waiting on a Djed update, we have some exciting updates on the horizon. Our team has been working closely with IOG for some time now, and we are currently planning to deploy the new features of version 1.2.0 in a few versions. This deployment requires undergoing another audit, and a comprehensive testing period. We’ll have more details to share soon.

Full Node Fixes

A long-standing issue involving COTI full nodes is being addressed. Of the affected nodes, the majority have been recovered with only a few pending nodes remaining.

What’s Next

As we look ahead, there’s a lot of exciting developments on the horizon.

  • Testnet is Coming! The development of the COTI V2 Testnet is in progress and right on schedule according to our development roadmap.
  • COTI V2 Technical Educational Content: We’re in the process of creating a range of educational videos to help give newcomers an introduction to the COTI V2 ecosystem. From the explanation of garbled circuits to the concepts of on-chain privacy and how COTI interacts with Ethereum, we’ll start building a library of easy-to-understand content accessible to everyone!
  • New Product Designs in the COTI V2 Ecosystem: We have commenced the planning, design and development of two major products to be implemented in the COTI V2 ecosystem. The first is an innovative tool within the permissionless space and the second involves communication with specific privacy measures. We’ll share more details in the coming updates.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to innovate and drive forward the development of COTI’s ecosystem. We appreciate your continued support and feedback, which play a crucial role in our journey.

Stay COTI!

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