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COTI is introducing a new Community node: Meet the STARS Node

Today we are pleased to introduce the STARS Node, the 8th Community node added to the MainNet, and the 15th node in total.

The STARS Node will go live on October 1st and will be operated by a TestNet operator who has been with COTI for a long time and patiently waited his turn to get selected to operate a MainNet node. You know him in the community by the name of Posthuman81. He is actively helping the COTI network by reporting bugs to the R&D team and by paying close attention to everything that is happening at COTI.

Node operators are selected not only on a first-come-first-served basis but also due to their noticeable contribution to the network and the community.

In this sense, we are happy to count Posthuman81 among our leading contributors.

STARS Node logo, operated by Posthuman81

Here is what Posthuman81 had to say:

It is both exciting and humbling to be offered to run a COTI MainNet node.

I come from the (traditional rails) payment industry and I am very much aware of its inflexibility and inadaptability. The first time I learned about COTI, I was amazed with its team, technology, approach, adaptability and continuous delivery! It was pretty obvious that COTI is a unicorn on its mission to disrupt the whole traditional payment industry and I wanted to contribute to its success story.

I have named my node STARS as this is our ultimate destination. The road to there will be difficult and challenging, however the tradeoff will be spectacular. Buckle up!

Stay COTI!

By adding this 8th Community node into the MainNet, COTI has reached a staking volume of 65M COTI!

The demand for participation in Staking 2.0 continues to be very high and we receive application requests at a very high pace. Adding new nodes enables more staking spots, and we will continue adding nodes gradually.

Stake COTI, stay COTI!

Read more about Staking 2.0 here:

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