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COTI Partners with ADA Handle

We are happy to announce our new partnership with ADA Handle, an NFT-powered naming solution for the Cardano wallet address!

Our ADA Pay gateway solution is one of the first necessary steps in bringing ADA to the masses, making it quick and easy for anyone to send ADA to a recipient. ADA Handle shares a similar ideology to COTI — which is to simplify the complex cryptographic standard native to blockchains by implementing human-readable addresses to merchants, organizations and users’ wallets.

As part of this partnership, COTI and ADA Handle will explore the possibility of allowing support for Handle address resolution directly within their ADA Pay platform.

We are proud to work alongside ADA Handle on pursuing the potential reality of enabling financial products for the rest of the world.

About ADA Handle:

ADA Handle is an NFT-powered naming solution for the Cardano wallet address, secured entirely on-chain via the Handle Standard. Each Handle is a unique NFT, minted and issued on the Cardano blockchain. These NFTs act as unique identifiers for the UTXO that they reside in.

Aside from the countless use-cases for standardized naming (such as an integrated mobile wallet experience similar to Cash App), Handle Augmentation will allow users to opt-in to additional metadata added to their unique Handle, providing an extendable pattern for partners to build upon.

Stay COTI!

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In the decentralized economy of the future, there will be a need for decentralized payment platforms - Our vision is to allow users to exchange value as easily and as freely as it is to exchange information over the internet.

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