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COTI Partners With Cogito Protocol, SingularityNET’s Spin-off, to Add Djed to Its Treasury Reserve

We are pleased to announce another Djed partnership, this time with Cogito Protocol, a spin-off from SingularityNET, a multichain, decentralized AI platform. Cogito offers a framework for creating tracercoins, which are new classes of digital assets including a non-fiat pegged stablecoin.

Cogito will explore the option to create stablecoin trading pairs between $DJED and Cogito’s tracercoins, and to include $DJED to its treasury reserve, amongst other assets, in order to maintain the stability of Cogito’s stablecoins.

Cloris Chen, Cogito’s CEO, remarked:

“We have been following Djed’s development for a long time. This partnership showcases the collaborative and inclusive nature of Cardanoland.”

This partnership, along with some of the previous ones we have announced, will ensure the proper utilization of Djed across the entire Cardano ecosystem, and create an increased use-case for it across multiple platforms. Stay tuned for more updates.

Stay COTI!

About SingularityNET and Cogito

The purpose of SingularityNET is to develop decentralized, democratic, inclusive and beneficial Artificial General Intelligence. The two main development strategies to achieve this are:

  • OpenCog Hyperon, an architecture that enables multiple AI systems to collaborate on a shared knowledge-base
  • The blockchain-powered AI-Platform and marketplace that allow any user to easily “publish, market and monetize” their own proprietary AI services.

Cogito Protocol is a spin-off from SingularityNET, It offers a framework for creating tracercoins, which create new classes of assets ranging from stablecoins to growth assets.

These tracercoins, as the name suggests, trace synthetic indexes that are independent of fiat or other cryptocurrencies. Cogito achieves this by leveraging SingularityNET’s AI techniques with a fractional reserve and active treasury management.

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