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COTI partners with Isazi Consulting to further support in developing its Trustchain algorithm and Mediation System.

COTI has partnered with Isazi to further support its R&D efforts in developing its Trustchain™ algorithm and Mediation System.

Isazi Consulting is a specialist AI, machine learning and optimization company that builds AI engines for companies from a range of industries. Isazi’s skills have been applied across a number of disciplines, including software and app development, fraud detection, pharmaceuticals and airline optimisation.

The Isazi team is composed of highly talented individuals from the fields of computer science, biomedicine, information and electrical engineering, physics, applied and pure mathematics, and financial mathematics. Isazi has a strong connection to a network of universities and individuals around the world who are at the forefront of academia, and are therefore well positioned to implement cutting edge research that would normally take years to reach the business world.

Isazi Consulting is a specialist AI, machine learning

Isazi will be assisting with COTI’s R&D efforts in preparation for the upcoming alpha net launch in August, in addition to the beta wallet and exchange launch in September.

Trustchain™ algorithm and Mediation System

Ashley Anthony, CEO of ISAZI Consulting , commented:

“We partnered with COTI on the mathematical content and proofs of their core algorithms, and on designing simulations to stress test the system and rapidly prototype new algorithms. The design and implementation of a robust DAG-based cryptocurrency, algorithmically determined TrustchainTM and mediation system was a really interesting problem to solve! It has been a pleasure working with the technical team at COTI to solve this. They are knowledgeable, responsive and creative and are committed to building the world’s most reliable payment platform using cryptocurrency,” .

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO of COTI, further added:

“Our collaboration with Isazi will enable COTI to build the most solid infrastructure for our TrustchainTM algorithm and Mediation System. These are two of the fundamental components in the COTI ecosystem, so having Isazi on-board with their extensive knowledge in advanced algorithm and optimisation will set us off on the right track to achieving our milestones.”

Shahaf Bar-Geffen

About COTI: COTI, Currency of the Internet, is a cryptocurrency that is tailor made for payments. It reconciles the best of digital currencies with the best of traditional payments, namely Visa and Mastercard, through its innovative base protocol known as the TrustchainTM. Based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG), The COTI TrustchainTM creates a scalable and blockless protocol that can be utilized by any industry that needs high throughput and trust to operate, such as the payments space. With low-to-zero fees, full buyer-seller protections, its Trust Scoring Engine and decentralised Mediation System, COTI combines the best of traditional payment methods with the best of digital currencies.

For further information, visit COTI and Isazi. You can also read COTI’s business overview and whitepaper.

We are excited to announce that COTI will be launching a special pre-sale limited to our community. The Pre-sale contributions will start on June 4th 2018 for 2 days and Available for whitelisted members only! For more details get in touch with us on Telegram or via email.

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COTI is a DAG-based Layer 1, specifically designed for Enterprises. COTI’s Protocol is scalable, fast, private, inclusive, low cost and is optimized for finance