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COTI Pay and COTI’s wallet strategy

Every great payment system has a great wallet. This is why we have been working hard on improving COTI’s wallet, for the benefit of COTI’s holders, consumers, and merchants alike.

We have been developing support for COTI, of course, but also for Bitcoin (as part of MyFirstWallet) and for Stable Coins (as part of Blockchain Dollars).

More so, throughout the last year, we have been pushing developments to our network like Staking 2.0 and the interoperability bridge, which lived in its own domain.

Now, it’s time to bring it all together to one amazing wallet called COTI Pay.

COTI Pay will be our MainNet wallet moving forward and will include support to multiple assets and unique abilities. COTI Pay will also be the base platform to launch upon COTI-X, our Fiat On-Ramp platform, DeFi products, 1-Click payments, and our Debit card.

COTI Pay will be available on responsive design for desktop and mobile, but also as a native mobile app on iOS and Android.

This week, we’ll publicly show the new design for COTI Pay, and from that point onwards constantly push features and abilities throughout the year. V1.00 of COTI Pay will be named VIPER.

We have put together a timeline to give you a good idea on when to expect updates. We hope you’ll love it like we do!

Here it is:

In details:

We’re finalizing Blockchain Dollars and launching an Alpha version with a major casino in the coming weeks. It turned out to be better than our wildest expectations! We plan on giving our followers an intimate tour of the product before it publicly launches. Stay tuned.

Blockchain Dollars, other than being a very promising revenue stream, was also a basis to an array of new technological and business abilities for COTI. These abilities will be adopted to COTI Pay.

A few of these abilities include:

Handling Stable Coins for payments — we now support any ERC20 based stable coin, from purchase to payment to redemption. The full cycle.

Fiat On-Ramps — there are quite a few fiat on ramps out there. All of which have areas of expertise but also weakness, like support for certain countries, cards, etc. We are the first to develop an optimization engine between them so that when a user wishes to pay fiat to get crypto, we know what system will give him the best chance of succeeding and we use it. We call this system ORO, which stands for On-Ramp Optimization (and Gold, in Spanish). Naturally, this system complements our own abilities to process credit cards, which we have mentioned earlier this year and have been growing.

We have put a lot of learning into the system, some AI, and business development efforts so that we’ll have the best solution to onboard new users, from the Fiat world, and introduce them to crypto. ORO will support a vast range of over 20 Fiat currencies, to have a very wide coverage and support as many people and use cases as possible.

This system, of course, will serve us on COTI Pay, and COTI-X too, which we’ll explain later in this article.

Lastly, Blockchain Dollars isn’t just a stand alone wallet as it integrates with gaming platforms through an API we have developed. This gives us an advantage when we onboard new gaming partners, as we already have a ready-made plugin for gaming platforms.

Around the launch of Blockchain Dollars, we’ll launch COTI Pay v1.0 VIPER.

VIPER will launch as a new design to our MainNet wallet, revamping it completely with a new sleek responsive design. There will be no more generic MainNet wallet, but only COTI Pay. You don’t have to do anything, it’ll update automatically.

VIPER will bring in a dashboard for Staking 2.0. All the information you’ll ever need with regards to your staking will be available within the wallet, as a standard.

VIPER will also include our famous interoperability bridge between COTI MainNet to COTI ERC20 to COTI BEP2, all built into the wallet. While the Bridge website will remain in place, you won’t need to go to it if you have a COTI Pay wallet. How cool is that?

Once we complete the responsive design to COTI Pay VIPER, it’ll be the perfect time to launch it on iOS and Android. Our wide community will finally have the ability to put us on their phones!

Moving forward down the timeline, we’ll launch COTI-X. We have realized a while back that the world doesn’t really need another exchange and so we have focused our efforts on what’s really required: having more users adopt crypto so that enterprises and merchants can adopt crypto.

We have decided that the best path will be to build the perfect Fiat On Ramp. That’s the gateway for everything. We all know people that “would have bought crypto if it wasn’t that complicated to get it and then handle it”. We believe that COTI Pay will be a very easy way to handle your crypto and so COTI-X will be a very easy way to buy it. The Fiat On Ramp will also use ORO — our Fiat On Ramp Optimization engine mentioned above to make sure that prospective buyers will have the best experience and chance having their card processed.

Once COTI-X is integrated into COTI-Pay, we’ll implement our MultiDAG capabilities to COTI Pay too. As a reminder, MultiDAG is the world’s first platform to allow the issuance of tokens on top of a DAG base structure, the same way ERC20 tokens can be issued on Ethereum. This gives COTI a huge advantage in the enterprise world and when coupled with a strong fiat on-ramp, will be the basis to approach various enterprises ready to adopt these types of solutions.

Version 2.0 of COTI Pay will be named COBRA, and will launch around Q4 this year.

Cobra will begin by supporting multiple assets, including but not limited to Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC, and ADA (as part of our partnership with Cardano). We want to make our wallet as useful as possible and allowing our users to hold other assets is important.

Even more so, these assets can then leverage the abilities that will come with COTI Pay Cobra, as you can read below.

With Cobra, we’ll allow merchants to use “1-Click payment” for users who wish to pay with crypto. Instead of the cumbersome system that everybody is using today, that includes scanning a QR code from your mobile, we’ll implement a system that is more like “PayPal Touch”. Meaning, once you click on a payment button at a merchant website, your COTI Pay Cobra wallet will fire up automatically, allowing you to approve the purchase and finalize it with one click. This sort of flow is widely accepted outside of crypto and we believe that consumers prefer it, giving us an advantage in terms of adoption by the masses.

The next version of Cobra, v2.2, will introduce DeFi to our ecosystem. As mentioned earlier this year, we have partnered with Celsius Network to allow both our consumers and merchants alike to have a simple access to savings and loans through COTI Pay. Merchants carry a substantial positive balance of stable coins in their wallets, it only makes sense for them to gain interest in it. Merchants sometimes need working capital loans, why not grant them directly on their wallet?

Lastly, v2.3 will introduce the long awaited COTI Pay debit card. The debit card will be a virtual debit card (though plastic may also be available, if required) allowing users to spend both their COTI and other supported assets on Cobra (see above) where Visa is accepted. This will allow further adoption of the wallet, until crypto is accepted everywhere and by everyone.

We have put a lot of effort in putting together what we believe is the best wallet for the best payment system. Work has already begun and the first products are coming out now.

There will be other surprises, of course, so stay tuned.

Stay COTI!

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