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4 min readMar 28, 2024


March has been a jam-packed month full of exciting announcements, partnerships and updates. There’s a lot to catch up on, so we’re recapping all the latest news and updates in this COTI Roundup.

The COTI V2 Airdrop is Now LIVE!

Starting on March the 25th and continuing until the COTI V2 token generation event, the COTI V2 Airdrop Campaign will share a total of 40M $COTI V2 tokens (currently worth ~$8M) with holders of Native and ERC-20 $COTI tokens, on top of the regular Treasury APY!

In the last two days, nearly 5M additional $COTI were deposited to the Treasury, bringing TVL to around 516M COTI!

Join the campaign here:
For the full details about the campaign, including how COTI V2 rewards are calculated and distributed, you can read the announcement here.

COTI V2’s Dynamic Decentralized Identity Explained and Exciting First Partner Revealed — Civic!

As we march towards the launch of COTI V2, we’ve started a series of deep dives into the brand-new use cases of COTI V2. In the first spotlight article, we explored how COTI V2s infrastructure will power an advanced version of a digital identity solution called Dynamic Decentralized Identity (DID).

The first launch partner to integrate Dynamic Decentralized Identity is Civic, a leading provider of identity management tools for web3. As announced yesterday, Civic will use COTI V2’s Garbling protocol solution for Dynamic decentralized identity. Through the integration, COTI V2’s Dynamic DIDs will empower dApps to interact with Civic’s digital identities and query complex insights without accessing sensitive data. This ensures full data protection and confidentiality for Civic users.

Civic prioritizes user protection, as seen in their recent introduction of a physical ID card for Civic Pass holders. This enables Civic Pass holders to prove their identity and minimize the threat of AI driven identity fraud. The partnership between Civic and COTI continues in this direction and represents a major step forward in protecting the digital footprint and credentials of users.

This is just the beginning of many planned collaborations for COTI V2!

How COTI V2 Benefits from Ethereum’s Dencun Upgrade

In one of our recent blogs, we covered how COTI V2 benefits from Ethereum’s Dencun upgrade.

With an increase in transactional data per block, the Dencun update provides a significant boost to transactional latency while also significantly reducing transaction fees at the same time. As an Ethereum L2, COTI V2’s design not only ensures smooth integration with upcoming Ethereum upgrades but also positions the protocol to actively contribute to the ongoing transformation of the Ethereum network, paving the way for new groundbreaking advancements and innovations. Read the full article here:

COTI in the Spotlight

  • Recent news about COTI’s Airdrop Campaign and the partnership with Civic attracted a lot of media attention! Check out below some of the most noteworthy coverage from the past few days:
  • Shahaf Bar-Geffen was interviewed by the MorningStar Venture team on X Spaces. In the interview, they discussed Web3 Privacy, including Garbled Circuits and its benefits. If you missed the interview, you can still listen to it here:

Stay tuned for more updates.

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