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COTI Tech Update: Explorer Upgrade Release

We are pleased to share that the COTI Explorer has been updated with a completely new data retrieval service. This new update enables explorers to retrieve hundreds of thousands of records with a response time of seconds. You can check out the Explorer here.

This improvement is an important step towards the release of Explorer 2.0. The new explorer will handle ever increasing amounts of data related to newly generated tokens and their corresponding transactions as a result of the release of MultiDAG 2.0 and scale in terms of processed transactions as we introduce new products and services.

The COTI Explorer 2.0 will also have a brand new UI. Below is a sneak peek:

*Please note that the design is not final and subject to change.

Besides the modern new looks and feel of the UI, Explorer 2.0 will offer a variety of stats related to the Trustchain that will be available on the main page. Additional enhancements include the ability to search for any token that was generated on the Trustchain and see detailed information related to that token, as well as the ability to access the COTI full node list, and more.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Stay COTI!

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Technical whitepaper:




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