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COTI to Partner with FluidTokens to Use Djed as the Stablecoin for their Lending and Borrowing Platform!

We are pleased to announce our new partnership, now with FluidTokens, Cardano’s NFT-collateralized loans platform. The integration of Djed will help bring a stable way to borrow & lend while using NFTs as collaterals, enhancing the system to create liquidity from non-fungible tokens.

Matteo Coppola, the Founder and CEO of FluidTokens commented: “The DeFi ecosystem is thriving while NFTs already hold millions of dollars in value. Currently this immense locked value has no easy way to be properly reinvested, creating a considerable illiquidity problem for the holders. FluidTokens will be the solution to it allowing decentralized lending and borrowing using any NFT as security. Our partnership with Djed will provide a stablecoin to these loans, making financial strategies easier to implement and opening up massive opportunities for both lenders and borrowers.”

Shahaf Bar-Geffen CEO of COTI said: “COTI is partnering with more and more companies and projects in order to ensure Djed’s utilization across the Cardano Defi ecosystem. We are happy to partner with FluidTokens, and give their users Djed, an advanced stablecoin to lend and borrow while using NFT’s as collateral.”

The integration with Djed will help FluidTokens’s larger push to revolutionize the Cardano ecosystem, bridging for the very first time the dynamic DeFi world with the intrinsic value of non-fungible tokens.

About FluidTokens:

FluidTokens is the first bridge between NFTs and Defi on Cardano. Their platform brings a comprehensive set of decentralized services to unlock the immense potential of NFTs, providing a completely new way to manage your crypto assets. As a community-driven protocol, it will be aligned with the interests of collectors and NFT creators. The upcoming FluidTokens first version — a peer-to-peer decentralized lending protocol — will be released in mainnet in a few weeks.

Stay COTI!

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In the decentralized economy of the future, there will be a need for decentralized payment platforms - Our vision is to allow users to exchange value as easily and as freely as it is to exchange information over the internet.

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