COTI V2 Developer Network is Live: A New Era of High-speed & Lightweight Blockchain Privacy

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6 min readMay 21, 2024

COTI V2 is revolutionizing privacy on blockchain with Garbled Circuits — 1000x faster and 250x lighter than other current privacy solutions. The developers’ network phase ‘Genesis’ is now live, and we’re inviting builders to take advantage of our Builders program to start experimenting with COTI V2’s compliant confidentiality features.


  • The COTI V2 developer network is now live!
  • Privacy is the biggest opportunity in crypto for the next 10 years
  • COTI V2 is an EVM L2 solving blockchain privacy with Garbled Circuits — 1000x faster & 250x lighter than other current privacy solutions
  • COTI V2 unlocks new privacy-centric use cases not possible until today for payments, DeFi, AI, on-chain data management, decentralized identity and more
  • The COTI V2 Developer Network features a familiar, easy-to-use, and accessible solidity based EVM environment
  • The COTI V2 Developer Network is launching with a Builders program to reward developers who participate in the COTI V2 Developer Network and contribute to the growth of the COTI ecosystem

We’re excited to announce that the COTI V2 developer network is live! This represents a major step in bringing scalable privacy to Ethereum and the broader industry.

COTI V2 is a compliant privacy-centric Ethereum Layer 2 that uses a groundbreaking encryption technology called Garbled Circuits that is faster and lighter than any other privacy solution on the market. COTI V2 can run on any device and facilitates multi-party computation without compromising the confidentiality of underlying personal information.

We’re now entering a new era of scalable, fast, and secure blockchain privacy with COTI V2.

In our increasingly digital and onchain world, ensuring privacy for all participants –citizens, businesses, and governments– is paramount. Many core functions of the global economy cannot function without confidentiality. Blockchain has solved for transparency and security, but to date, privacy has been a complex problem. This makes it the biggest opportunity in web3 over the next 10 years.

With COTI V2 we’re addressing blockchain privacy head-on. We’re inviting builders who share our vision for blockchain privacy to participate in the launch of our Developer Network and our new grants program. Contribute, build, and get rewarded!

Start building on COTI V2

Let’s dive into the tools you can experiment with in the COTI V2 Developer Network or our grants program criteria.

Revolutionizing privacy on blockchain with Garbled Circuits technology

For the first time on blockchain, developers can protect private information using one of the most elegant and fast multi-party computation (MPC) techniques — Garbled Circuits.

The COTI V2 Devnet meets blockchain developers on their turf, providing an easy-to-use, accessible EVM environment (gcEVM) using the familiar native programming language, Solidity.

COTI V2 Developer Network further enables developers to leverage this groundbreaking compliant privacy technique with:

A list of tests to demonstrate the operators supported via new EVM precompiles, each representing an action executed on-chain via the gcEVM while keeping data encrypted at all times

We’re seeing interest from our partners in building on COTI V2, such as Civic, a leading provider of identity management tools for web3. Civic will leverage COTI V2’s confidentiality layer to develop Dynamic Decentralized Identity (DyDID).

Announcing The COTI ABC Growth Fund: Supercharging development on COTI V2

In addition to the opportunity to be spotlit as a first-mover and foundational developer in the COTI network, the COTI Foundation is launching one of the largest privacy-related growth funds in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Called the ABC Growth Fund, the COTI Foundation has allocated 400M COTI tokens for (A)mbassadors, (B)uilders, and ©reators to help bring real-world privacy solutions to the masses. If you’re an innovative researcher, developer, educator, and/or builder then this is your invitation to join us in solving privacy on blockchain.

Today, we are happy to announce we’re rolling out the Builders program of the COTI ABC Growth fund. Builders from all EVM environment backgrounds can submit their applications to receive grants ranging from $1000 to $100K.

Engineered to drive growth, the program’s primary objective is to incentivize individuals and entities to create groundbreaking and impactful solutions on COTI V2. Through the COTI builders grant program, the COTI Foundation will accelerate the development, deployment, and utilization of privacy-centric web3 applications.

To join, developers are invited to submit their applications to create proofs of concept (POCs) for privacy-preserving smart contracts, tools, privacy-focused dApps, and more.

Whether you’re applying to overhaul an existing dApp or you’re leveraging COTI V2 data security features to build a powerful new use case that wasn’t possible until now, each application will be evaluated by our advisory group.

There isn’t a better time to be at the forefront of blockchain privacy, visit this page to find all the necessary tools to start building on the COTI V2 Developer Network.

Next, we will unveil the Creators Program, enabling individuals to create content, complete tasks, and be incentivized.

Experiment with new confidentiality-centric use cases with COTI V2

We’re excited to see what developers will experiment with in the COTI V2 Developer Network. Adding a confidentiality layer to blockchain is set to unlock new use cases that up until today were not possible, such as:

  • Confidential DeFI: COTI V2 enables confidential transactions, allowing DeFi apps to maintain regulatory requirements while solving losses from MEV by encrypting transaction data, shielding them from sandwich bots.
  • Confidential Transactions for Payments, Stablecoins and RWA: COTI V2 maintains fund flow transparency while encrypting transaction details, ensuring regulatory compliance for payments, stablecoins, and real-world assets (RWA).
  • On-Chain Sensitive Data Management: COTI V2 allows encrypted data storage on-chain, enabling analysis of sensitive information (e.g. medical records) without compromising privacy. Data can be safely shared across sites, preventing companies from scraping and selling your data.
  • Confidential Machine Learning & AI: COTI V2 also enables secure, private interactions with AI and large language models (LLMs), safeguarding data model confidentiality and data source privacy as required by law.
  • Dynamic Decentralized Identification (DID): COTI V2 facilitates identity verification and personal information sharing, calculation, and storage without revealing actual data to other parties, ensuring KYC compliance while maintaining user privacy.

These are just a few examples of what is possible with COTI V2, and there are many more use-cases we’d love to see.

Join us in building a new era for blockchain privacy — fast, scalable, secure

Onchain confidentiality has been one of the roadblocks for web3 mass adoption. With COTI V2, this reality is closer than ever.

“We’re opening our doors to the world with the COTI V2 Developer Network,” says Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI CEO, “and with our Builders program we’re inviting teams around the world to take part in COTI V2’s developer network, and share what you’re building. We have an incredible year ahead of building new things, making new partners, and growing COTI’s network.”

Join us and start building on the COTI V2 Developer Network now!

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