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COTI’s most recent happenings

From COTI newsletter published on Feb 16.

The TestNet webinar with Dr. Nir Haloani is coming soon

Our CTO Dr. Nir Haloani will be explaining the key innovations, including the Trust Score Update Algorithm (TSUA), Arbitration Service, one-click payment requests, DSP consensus and node managers. He will also be demonstrating the experience using COTI’s TestNet wallet and answer any questions you have. Don’t miss out!
You can send your questions here.

You can send your questions here.

Niv Abramovich and Shahaf Bar-Geffen headed to the Far East

Shahaf Bar-Geffen, COTI CEO and Niv Abramovich, COTI’s VP Product, returned from their extensive road trip to the Far East to Singapore, Korea, and Japan to attend leading blockchain conferences and to meet with potential strategic partners, which will be disclosed at a later stage.
Check out some behind the scenes photos below.

Weekly tech roundup from the COTI Research and Development team

Our roundup from the R&D team this week covers new and continuing developments, including the network discovery node, the fee framework, History Nodes and more. Read the full update.

The transaction confirmation process in COTI’s Trustchain protocol

Want to see how transactions get confirmed in our Trustchain protocol? Watch the video now, and we’ll break it down for you step-by-step.

First transaction processed on COTI
In other exciting news, we checked off another major milestone! Our first ever transaction from one of our clients has been validated on the Trustchain. This marks the first of millions of dollars in revenues we expect to be flowing through the system in the upcoming year.

COTI featured on Hacker Noon! Could stable coins save cryptocurrencies, and what is COTI’s stance on the matter?
Our VP Product Niv Abramovich was covered by TheNews.Asia, a well-known fintech, blockchain, and cryptocurrency news media platform catering to the Asian market. He was also covered by IT Chosun, Korea’s top newspaper and IT channel, who recently sat down with Niv to talk about the current crypto market and where COTI is heading next.

Meet Shani Patael, COTI’s UI/UX expert

In our latest interview series, we spoke about everything related to her current projects, what it takes to build a system from the ground up, the role of women in tech and what the future holds for COTI. Read our blog.

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